The Chipmunks' Merry Christmas

The Chipmunks' Merry Christmas (A Little Golden Book) by David Corwin, illustrated by Richard Scarry.
Golden Press, 1959.

I wrote about this book last year, but it's time to do a full post about it.

I found this book at my favorite antique mall, along with a few other fun finds.  I saw the cover, didn't recognize it as one I had ever seen, let alone owned.  I assumed it was Richard Scarry, and confirmed it when I glanced inside.  The back cover suggested it was pretty old.  Great, I thought.  I put it in the cart.

When we came home, I opened the book and started reading.  "Would you like to meet three chipmunks?Well, here they are.  Here is Simon.  Here is Theodore.  But Simon and Theodore make only two!  Where is the third chipmunk?  Where can little Alvin be?"

I yelled for Mr. B.  "Omigosh, did you know Richard Scarry illustrated an Alvin and the Chipmunk Little Golden Book????"

Of course, he didn't know.  I certainly had no idea.  I failed to notice the monogrammed jackets and shirt on the cover.

The book was published in 1959, one year after "The Chipmunk Song," by David Seville and the Chipmunks, became an unexpected holiday smash.  The same year this book came out, Dell began publishing a comic book, and by 1961, the first animated series was created.  I assume the look of the characters had changed so much by then that this particular Little Golden Book was allowed to slip quietly out of print.

Were you singing along with the chipmunks? 

 I thought Alvin wanted the hula hoop.

I hope this plays.  It isn't on YouTube, at least, not without some

If you want to see more pictures, just follow after the jump.  Otherwise, I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday.  It's the third Sunday in Advent!  We're getting closer...


  1. What a cute book! I love Richard Scarry's illustrations. Great find! xo Jennifer

    1. I love old Richard Scarry Golden books. Busytown is okay, but I like his earlier, more detailed stuff. And it's The Chipmunks!!! ;)

  2. What an amazing find! I didn't know the Chipmunks were so "old"!!!

    1. Oh yes. The earliest records were made in the '50s, the first cartoon show came out in the '60s, then the creator's son took over after his death. He and his wife did the voices when they brought out the new cartoon in the '80s. They're still involved with the new computer-animated films. I guess they get famous actors to do the speaking voices, but the couple still does the singing. So funny.


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