Lucia Fest 2013, Lindsborg

St. Lucia Day has come and gone, of course, but I have one last hurrah to share:  some images from our trip to Lindsborg, KS, for their annual Lucia Fest.  We visited shops, drank hot drinks and ate lunch at our favorite coffee shop, watched the folk dancers, and followed the procession to the beautiful white Lutheran church, where Lucia was crowned.


We like to get Mr. B coffee for Christmas, but this year, he requested that we buy some food, too.  For Christmas, he wanted pickled herring, cheese, and bread.  We found the grocery store in Lindsborg, and bought several yummy things:  Swedish pancake mix, lingonberries, glogg, gingersnaps, even a Scandinavian Christmas soda!

This was our special Christmas book purchase.  It was one I'd longed to read, but our library doesn't have it.  I love tomte stories, and I enjoy Sven Nordqvist's "Findus and Pettson" books.

The Tomtes' Christmas Porridge by Sven Nordqvist.  Floris Books, 2011.

This one is darling.  Father Tomte is worried the human family on the farm will forget to leave out his Christmas porridge.  Mother Tomte knows they will forget, so she and her children go to great lengths to make sure some porridge is left out!

And what is Swedish Christmas porridge?  Hot rice cereal with cinnamon sugar!  Mr. B must have a little Scandinavian something-or-other in his blood after all.  Cooked rice with milk, butter, and sugar is one of his favorite things.

For more, you may want to see last year's Lucia Fest post.  If you're on Pinterest, I have a few related pinboards:  "It's Christmastime All Over the World" and "Nordic Dreams, Scandi Love."  (I try so hard to be clever with my Pinterest board titles, but when I go to type them out, I realize how cheesy I am they are.)

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  1. What a lovely Festival! Must have been so much fun for the kids! I love costumes!!! You got quite a stash of Scandi food! Would love to try them one day. The Tomte's book looks like something right down my alley. The Tomtes remind me of Selma Lagerlof's book The Wonderful Adventures Of Nils Holgersson.

    1. That looks like a book I should check out! This one, I do love. Little Sis wasn't in much of a Lucia Fest mood, I'm afraid. She preferred her chai and sandwich to anything else we did that day. She even refused to go to The Nutcracker that night out of protest. Sigh. But Big Sis and I had a lovely time regardless, and I'm excited to make them Swedish pancakes with lingonberries once winter break starts! Tomorrow is their last day of school for the semester!

  2. How coooooooooooool. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  3. I am utterly convinced that you live in magic happy festival land! Love all those carved statues! Love your scandi food haul!! guess what I bought a bag of premade swedish pancakes from Ikea, I am saving them in my freezer, I read on Momfilter blog that they were really good. I also bought Saffron buns that I should have had on St Lucia day but I forgot. We have this tomte book as well and thank you for reminding me about it b/c I think it would be a fun one to read to J's class this week at their holiday party! I want someone to leave me a bowl of rice pudding just randomly around the house on Christmas, for me to find! That would be soooooooooo awesome, tee hee :)

    1. Well, I do have to drive about 70 minutes to get to Lindsborg. It's such a cool little town, though. Mr. B is off today(!!!!) and has invited his best friend over for a Scandi lunch of pickled herring, cheese, and rye. There is a Rick Steves episode (of course!) in Copenhagen (I think) where he has a lunch like that. We just have to leave out the alcohol part today...

      Ikea in KC opens next fall! One more year!

      We're so having rice porridge for Christmas eve this year. They show it in the Norway segment on Rick Steves Scandinavian Christmas, with the hidden almond and all. (I'm such a fangirl...)

    2. Rice Pudding on Christmas Eve! Oh be still my heart! are you making or buying? I made it once and it didn't turn out so well.

      This Sunday, Andrew's best pal is coming over with his wife and we're going to have swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce and some swedish glogg stuff we found at cost plus. I'm so excited!

    3. We'll make it. It's pretty simple! It's basically something my husband loves to make for himself for breakfast, but with cinnamon!

      I have glogg in the slow cooker right now!

  4. This is amazing! That festival looks completely enchanting... and that book looks terrific!


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