A Very Fuddles Christmas

A Very Fuddles Christmas by Frans Vischer.  Aladdin, 2013.

We have cats.  As of this particular post, we have four.  Did I set out to have four kitties?  NO.  Mabel, our chirpy, talkative tortoiseshell, moved herself in as a sick kitten last winter, and her sister Lucy, the last of our fluffy feral porch cats, finally decided to move in this month.  Poor old Katie and Jenny.  They're 16 and nearly 15, respectively, and not in the mood for these young'ns.

I joke that my kitties are spoiled.  Mabel has become quite fat pleasingly plump since she came to us.  But even Miss Mabel has nothing on Fuddles.

I received an email from Frans Vischer, asking if I would be interested in reviewing his new book. A book about a fat, spoiled kitty?  Of course I said yes!  I even ran to the library and grabbed the first Fuddles book.

Fuddles is an awesomely spoiled, chubby tuxedo kitty.  The first book is all about Fuddles' attempts to go outside - he's an indoor kitty - and the scrapes he gets into when he finally gets his wish.

In fact, here is the book trailer for Fuddles:

A Very Fuddles Christmas begins with some purrrrfectly illustrated examples of how Fuddles is spoiled. (Fuddles sleeping with cucumbers on his eyes?  Fuddles lounging in a baby swing?  I die.)  Problems arise when poor Fuddles believes all the holiday feasting and decorating must all be for him.  Fuddles winds up back outside, this time in the snow.  A chase with some squirrels ensues, and...

Well, let's just say Fuddles gets back into the house in fine, Christmasy fashion.

Once again, enjoy the adorable book trailer:

Fuddles may be a new favorite character around the house.  Big Sis, my favorite 8-year-old review buddy, wanted to help me with this review, as winter break began today.  She re-read the book, with a little "help."

Mabel knows just when to get in the way.

Some quotes from Big Sis:
  •  "I think he thinks like a real cat would."
  • "I like his facial expressions."
  • "I like when he climbs up the Christmas tree!"  [Thank goodness our cats have not tried this, although Mr. B says he keeps finding tinsel and glitter in the litter box.  Someone is eating our white fake tree!]
I totally agree with Big Sis.  This is a wonderfully expressive animal.  (Considering the author-illustrator is also a Disney animator, one should expect no less!)  His thoughts really do seem plausible to a kitty cat.  Hilariously so, in fact.  I know my cats think their entire world revolves around them, and that Mr. B, the girls, and I are merely there to feed them, pet them, and change their litter box.  I look forward to more adventures with Fuddles!

You can see more of Fuddles and his two books at the official website.  (You can see pictures of the real life  inspiration for Fuddles, too!  That's a big, happy-looking kitty!)

Thank you, Mr. Vischer, for asking us to review your book!  Our copy was provided by the publisher, but all opinions expressed here are completely my own - or Big Sis's own.

Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!

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  1. oh what a mischevious and lucky kitty! This is why our kitty lives outside, hahaha!

    1. Haha! Two of our grew up apartment kitties, and Mabel never wanted to go back outside. Lucy is still going in and out. She's still learning...

  2. That is seriously darling.
    My little toddler Baby Whimsy adores cats.
    We don't have one but she loves them all the same.
    She calls them Meows.

    1. Oh, meows, how cute! I think Big Sis called think "kikis" when she was tiny, if I remember right. "Kiki! Kiki!" Jenny, my old cat who isn't Siamese, would come running. They became inseparable.

  3. What a great book! Great comments by your wonderful assistant, too :)
    We have a cat called Oliver, the baby loves him! She tries to grab him all the time-he keeps avoiding her.
    Last year, when he was younger and more playful, he climbed on the Christmas tree all the time! He drove me nuts. One night it fell and he was so scared he climbed up the chimney from the inside and hid there. So now we have the tree on a table he never used to climb and he hasn't shown any interest in it yet -and I must say tree on a table doesn't look as terrible as it sounds :)

    1. Haha! I like tabletop trees myself. Very Old World. ;) My girls have never been that fascinated by the cats. It was Jenny who decided she liked little ones. They're warm, for one thing. She likes to snuggle the girls in their sleep. She's started to show her age the past couple of years, but she used to follow them around everywhere.


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