Sad News

"Junie B. Jones Creator Barbara Park Dies at 66"


  1. I've heard some people say, Oh Junie is a brat and I don't like my kid reading those books. I never ever found that to be the case. Those books are HILARIOUS, and they, and they alone, are the books that got my kiddo into reading on her own and enjoying it. I adore these books so much, they made us laugh out loud. What a tremendous legacy she's left us. I was hoping she would write more Junie B. books, but I guess that was not to be. What a cool lady she must have been! To instill such a sense of fun and humor into her writing.

    1. We were a little slower to get into them. I read them aloud, because Big Sis kept getting hung up, trying to correct the grammar, which is why Ivy & Bean became her first read-on-her-own series. By the time she started first grade, though, it was all Junie B., all the time! Now Little Sis is having me read the books to her. She isn't ready to read on her own yet, but her sister used to tell her all the plots to the Junie B. books. Now that sister is reading other things, I have to pick up the slack!

      Next month, the children's theatre where they take dance is presenting Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. The girls are VERY excited for this one!

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    1. Thanks. It was a very sad thing thing to read Sunday afternoon. The girls were disappointed to hear it.


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