Pumpkins Are Yummy

Happy 11/12/13!  It is cold here today.  Last night, the low dropped to 22 degrees, and the high today will only be 38!  (Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer.)

I am a pumpkin fiend.  I love pumpkin baked goods, but I also adore pumpkin soup.  A friend of mine is supposed to send me a recipe for pumpkin polenta.  Seriously, pumpkin is my favorite food part of fall.

I use canned pumpkin sometimes, I do, but last year I learned how easy it is to roast and puree your own pumpkin, and now, it's our post-Halloween tradition.  We usually wind up with a few smaller sugar pumpkins on our porch, thanks to trips to the pumpkin patch.  I usually can't resist buying a couple from the grocery store, too.  These two little pumpkins yielded FIVE cups of pureed goodness.  That's five loaves of pumpkin bread right there!

 4.  Scrape out the stringy part with a spoon.  I actually like to use my fingers to remove the seeds first.  Then I can remove some of the flesh from the seeds as I go.  SAVE THE SEEDS.

5. Cut your pumpkin into 4 to 8 pieces, and place the pieces on a baking sheet.  Pop in your oven for 45 minutes.  While your pumpkin is baking, you can rinse your pumpkin seeds and dry them well.

6.  After the pumpkin is done baking, let it sit until it's cool enough to handle.  The skin will be a deeper orange, and the flesh will be tinged with brown.

7.  Peel the skin off your pumpkin pieces.  You may have to use a butter knife to get it started, but the skin comes off pretty easily!

8.  Puree in batches.  I use a food processor, some people use a blender.  Some people just mash it.

9. Now, if you are planning to cook with your puree right away, measure out what you need and save the rest.  Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for this perfect suggestion:   Freeze in small, one cup batches.  Most recipes tend to call for pumpkin puree in cups, and this way, you know exactly how much is in each freezer bag.  (Really, her instructions are the same as mine.  For a much more entertaining post with better photography, you might prefer hers anyway.)

Now, let us not forget those...

I have made three loaves of pumpkin bread and one batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins over the past couple of weeks.  My goal is to start whipping up pies soon!  If you are interested, I have collected quite a few delicious pumpkiny things on my Autumntime pinboard.   For more fall goodness, you might also check my Thankful and Warm & Snuggly pinboards, too.

The girls are pestering me for pumpkin soup.  My favorite recipe calls for a fancier variety of pumpkin, which is cubed and cooked with the rest of the soup.  I suppose I may be buying another pumpkin soon...

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  1. WOW!!!! I am so impressed that you make your own puree! you are so much of a better pioneer girl than me :)

    I have yet to have any pumpkin bread this fall. That's bad, huh?

    1. Melissa, it's so easy!!! And pie pumpkins aren't even that hard to cut. My chef's knife needs sharpening, but cutting one of these is much easier than a big pumpkin or a butternut squash. And they scrape clean quickly!

      I'm now considering making a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Just sounds good...

  2. ohhhh that pumpkin bread. I haven't made any yet. or any pumpkin cookies... why oh why???

    1. I haven't made pumpkin cookies yet! I have a recipe for pumpkin oat muffins I need to try soon...

  3. I love pumpkin seeds!!! I want to make my own but not sure I really want to eat pumpkin soup. I mean I tried before but I was not a big fan. I think maybe it was just that particular soup and it was a bit boring. But oh wow, pumpkin bread is something I really want to taste!!!

    1. Pumpkin bread is sweet and delicious. I've had different varieties of soup. The one I linked to above is savory and creamy and amazing. My favorite Lebanese-owned restaurant in town makes a sweet pumpkin soup, but I can't figure out what's in it. I've made a sweet pumpkin soup, but it involved apple cider and was tangy. The restaurant's is creamy and spicy, but sweet. Pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite snacks! :)


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