Halloween Porch

We're off to Oklahoma to visit my mom!  Here's a look at our Halloween porch.  I thought Lucy down there was admiring my work, but now I see that Smudge, the other mama cat that we finally named, is under the bench there.  Lucy has made it her job to run Smudge off whenever possible.  Oh, kitties...

Happy Weekend!  Merry Reading!

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  1. Your front porch look so pretty! I like the plotted flowers. I need to have some of those! Have a great weekend! And enjoy your stay in Oklahoma!

    1. Thank you so much! The mums were my anniversary present last month. Mr. B knows what I like. ;o) We had a good weekend. Our Sunday will be a bit more low-key. Little Sis and I either caught a cold or are experiencing simultaneous major allergy attacks today! Blah. ;o)

  2. love love love!!!! have a great trip!! xo

  3. it's lovely! have a great trip! xoxo

  4. So super cute! I love a spooky and sweet halloween porch!~


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