Halloween at Old Cowtown

This weekend, my grandmother and I took my darling zombie children to Old Cowtown Museum for a Night of Hay, Hooves & Halloween.  Old Cowtown is a living history museum, bringing the very early, Wild West days of Wichita to life.  The museum is home to a group of historic buildings, some actually from Wichita, some from other parts of the state.  The Halloween is event is always one of my favorites, and I was disappointed to miss it last year due to a dance conflict, but because they moved it to the evening this year, we were able to attend!

Zombie ballerina and zombie cheerleader, in the cemetery next to the historic Presbyterian church.

The Murdock House, home of the founder of the Wichita Eagle.

The Munger House, one of the first houses built in the town, and the oldest surviving personal residence.

Zombie shoot-out!
This zombie was on her own.  She refused to go down.  And that was only the beginning...
...  of the "Thriller" flash mob!  

We will return to Cowtown next weekend for Little Sis's birthday party.  Yeah, remember the whole fall fairy party idea?  That was scrapped in favor of Cowtown.  Well, it's less for me to plan, so I'm easy!

As far as this month goes, I'm a little disappointed to realize I will not be getting to all of the ideas I had planned for the month.  I apologize, but I have been sick for the last two weeks.  There are things that didn't happen, such as missing Little Sis's pumpkin patch trip, and things I wanted to blog about that I don't feel prepared for (the fairy tale idea).  And as much as absolutely pains me to do so, I think I'll save clowns for next year, since I did manage to get around to dolls.  Oh, life, always getting in the way...

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and that you're having a lovely month!

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  1. Pesky cold! I hope you will feel much better soon! Don't worry about the blogging. Take care of yourself first! The Murdock House is beautiful! It looks like a wood dollhouse from Greenleaf! Seems like the Cowtown was much fun. Loved the Thriller Flash Mob :D I always wanted to see one of those in real life!

    1. Thanks. Got some meds today, so I'm hoping it clears up soon!

      The Murdock House was saved in the 1970s. A big addition had been built onto the house (coming off the side), but it had fallen into disrepair and was scheduled to be razed. Instead, they razed the addition, and moved the original structure to Cowtown. It was repainted only a few years ago to look more as it would have in the 1880s. There's beautiful William Morris wallpaper inside, too.

  2. Yeah, Jane is right. Get well soon and don't worry, we love your blog anyway :)

  3. meh no worries, sometimes I get around to things....A YEAR LATER!!! Love love love this post and awesome pix! your kids in their costumes are priceless! you guys go on the BEST field trips!

    1. Tee hee, thanks! I love Cowtown. Yes, my zombie babies. They were so funny, once they had their costumes on. Only they wouldn't talk to the zombies at Cowtown. They were scarier. ;-)

      And a year later is when I will get around to stuff. Next October. :)


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