This Is Washington DC

This is Washington, D.C. by M. Sasek.
W.H. Allen, 1969.

We're on our way to Washington, D.C.!  We will be in the city for a couple days before we head on to seaside New Jersey for a few days.  I'm so excited.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  I can't think of anything better than to be on a real "away" vacation with my family over my birthday.

So let's look at one more vintage book.

I love M. Sasek's travel picture books.  They are full of such vintage charm.  We've checked many of them out before, but I thought we might visit this one again before we leave.

I must admit I like the look of the earlier books in the series better.  (Paris, London, New York...)  This one is from 1969.  (There is a new edition available!)  What's nice about Washington, D.C., of course, is how much of the architecture and exhibits remain unchanged.  This book is less dated than some of the others.

We will definitely take in some sights.  We did drive by the Capitol on a Duck Tour on our visit to D.C. last spring...

But I really want the girls to see the Lincoln Memorial this time!

I've been on the White House lawn, but have never been inside.  I doubt we will head that direction this year.

We will visit the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum this time!  One of Amelia Earhart's planes is there, you know.  Little Sis is plane- and Amelia-obsessed!

Last year, we made it through the Museums of American History and Natural History.  It was Easter Sunday.  The Museum of Natural History was packed.  Little Sis couldn't enjoy herself.  Her sister just goes with the flow...

Okay, now I don't think we will be visiting Smokey the Bear...  (I still remember the song we used to sing in Brownies.  "Smokey the Bear, Smokey the Bear/ a-prowlin' and a-growlin' and a-sniffin' at the air/  He can find a fire before it starts to flame/ That's why they call him Smokey/ that is how he got his name.")

Mr. B and I love this page spread the best.  "In Georgetown, there are many strange visitors," the text reads.

So as I said, tomorrow is my birthday.  Last year, I made a just-for-fun wish list for myself.  We were already back from our Branson/Laura Ingalls Wilder vacation by then.  As I said above, I'm so excited for this vacation that I don't really care about presents.  But let's pretend I'm feeling more materialistic, okay?

Tee hee.  That was fun.  The idea of the wish list is to feature what I like, as opposed to what I'd like for the girls.  I notice that Alice and Oz will always appeal to me, though.  (Oh, and expensive dolls.)

I have posts scheduled for next week, including a guest post.  I will try to answer comments, check other blogs, etc., but I can't make any promises!  I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday Danzel!!! Wishing you the very best on your special day! An Alice in Wonderland party sounds fabulous :) People have so much imagination! That book is lovely. I like books about cities and places. It's always good to read with the kids!

    Have a great vacation time in New Jersey!

    1. Thank you so much! Wouldn't a grown-up Alice party be a blast? Kids get all the fun.

  2. Happy birthday blog buddy! Sending lots of virtual presents your way! ;)

  3. Darling D! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Your list is amazing. (i own the Sky Fairies, but don't be jealous cuz you have way more Oz Books of Wonder than I do :)

    Have a wonderful trip and a lovely time! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you, dahling! I do need to read the non-Oz Baum books! We're in DC now. The girls helped their uncle make waffles. Mmmmm....



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