Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Monday: You Can't Do That On Television

Thanks, YouTube.

Because I spent most of my childhood in the '80s, and because we had cable and Nickelodeon for most of the decade, I bring you You Can't Do That On Television.  Because, thanks to the internet, I can.  There are so many episodes on YouTube now!

Oooo, look at this website I found.  And this "article" from The Onion still cracks me up.

Now if only more Turkey Television episodes would pop up on YouTube...

Back to bookish things tomorrow!


  1. My television in the 80s was very different because I didn't live in the USA. All this is unchartered territory for me and those shows seem very interesting! My hubby probably knows them though. Funny how you can tell an era just by looking at the fashion! D

    1. This one is pretty crazy. It isn't necessarily one I'll share with the girls anytime soon, but I loved it as a kid! Alanis Morrisette was on the show for a season - she's in the "Pop Music" episode above.

  2. Hi there! I used to write for You Can't Do That On Television (in fact, the "Pop Music" episode is one of mine). It's always great to see that people still remember it.

    And if you're a book person, you might be interested to know that there's an "oral history" of Nickelodeon's early years being published next month. It's called Slimed! and it's by a writer named Matthew Klickstein. I was one of the interviewees, although there are many others in the book who you'll probably be much more interested in. :-) Be on the lookout.

    1. Oh, awesome! Thank you for stopping by! I do this feature once in a while about stuff I half-remember from my own childhood. I've had fun rediscovering YCDTOT on YouTube! (I have half of an episode on VHS somewhere, but that's it!) I have been following Slimed! on Facebook actually. I am looking forward to it!


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