Oz and Ends

More Oz goodness for you today!  Well, some Oz goodness and some Oz weirdness.  How's that?

First of all, I received the most marvelous late birthday present last weekend.  A very good friend of mine is most excellent at beadwork, and she made me this spectacular Wizard of Oz-themed bracelet!  All that beadwork?  All by hand.  She is amazing.

She doesn't sell the gorgeous stuff she creates, but she did say in the card that I'm her "test market," so perhaps she is planning to start!

Then yesterday at the grocery store, as we walked past a display of cheap DVDs, the case in my lead photo above caught my eye.  Here is the back:

Oh, goodness.  I've been looking for this.  I had seen it on Amazon, but I was hoping to be able to stream it. It seemed too serendipitous to pass up in the grocery store, though, so it came home with me.

Oh, this is an odd one.  I can't find any clips to show you, but there are tons of episodes of the 1961 series "Tales of the Wizard of Oz" on YouTube.  And it is by Rankin/Bass, best known for all their Christmas specials.

Oh!  But speaking of weird Oz things from the '60s, look what else I discovered on YouTube this week!  Here is the trailer:

It's a kiddie matinee film of the second book!  It's called The Wonderful Land of Oz.  You can buy it on DVD, but at the moment, you can find the whole thing on YouTube.

It's cheap and strange, but it's faithful to the book.  Compare it to the 1985 Disney film Return to Oz:  it had a huge budget, but was just as strange!  (And not so faithful...)

In other Oz-related stuff-around-my-house, we are nearly finished reading Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.  I have a whole new Oz post for you, once we start The Road to Oz, one of my very favorite Baum Oz books.  I received a gift card for my birthday and used it to buy, among other things, the next two Books of Wonder Oz books I needed.  You may remember my Oz Museum posts from last spring.  I have been following Wamego, KS's Oztoberfest on Facebook, and I hope we will be able to go this year!  L. Frank Baum's grandsons Robert and Roger will be there.  Just look at the news page on the website.  Crossing fingers...

Don't forget the Happy Happy Lunch Box blog hop!  Today it's Melissa's turn at Julia's Bookbag.  Come back here tomorrow for my turn!


  1. Replies
    1. Very pretty bracelet. I can't even imagine the hours of work it must have took! Oz movies have always scared me a little so I hesitate letting the kids watch but maybe I underestimate them!

    2. Lucy, thanks! I've worn it every day this week... ;)

      Cherie, she's so meticulous! I've watched her work on rings before.

      These animated things I posted above are just pure silliness. The Disney Return to Oz is definitely on the creepy side. I was never one of those kids who was afraid of the 1939 movie. It was always a huge event in my house when it would have its annual airing on television, before the video came out. I started the girls on it when they were tiny, singing along with it obnoxiously. They never had a chance. ;o)

      The books are not scary, by the way. They can be weird, but mostly they're just charming fairy stories.

  2. WOW that bracelet!!!! What a cool friend! Rankin-Bass, that's so wild that they did this show! I can't believe how you guys are so full speed ahead with the Oz books, that's SO GREAT!! And we have yet to read the Wizard of Oz. Ok no foolin, I'm making that the next chapter book read in this house.....:)

    1. I love the bracelet. I haven't watched my DVD yet, but the cartoons are so terribly goofy. The kiddie matinee I posted above has been watched. The costumes, sets, and effects are so primitive, but it is definitely true to the books!

      We finished Book 4 tonight! On to The Road to Oz tomorrow. So excited! And yes, you must read them together!

  3. That bracelet is amazing! Do you know what she used for the center images? I'm completely in awe of her beading skills. Wow!

    What age would you recommend reading the Oz books to kids? I think I last read them when I was a kid, so it's been a looooong time... :)

    1. I'm not sure where the images came from. I'm not familiar with them. She's a pretty serious beader. I should ask.

      Well, of course, it always depends on the kid. Big Sis wasn't even 3 the first time we started them, but of course, she barely remembers any of the books, except for the last few. She just loved to be read to. She will be eight in a couple of weeks, and she's loving them this time around, but so is her sister. Little Sis will be 6 in November. She was a little bit bored by the first book, which we started almost a year ago. I would guess she finally got into it about 6 months later. So around 5 or 6 at the earliest?

  4. Love everything about this post!! That bracelet! Rankin-Bass! Obscure stuff on YouTube! And you HAVE to go to Oztoberfest, that sounds awesome!!

    1. I know, I really want to go! I also want to go to the KC RenFest, and I'd like to go up to Atchison in October - the Most Haunted Town in Kansas. Ooooooo.... I will probably need to make some choices...

      And thanks! I hope you get to feeling better. Best of luck!!!! XOXO


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