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I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things here at home, so I apologize for my absence.  We arrived home late Monday night, went shopping for groceries and school supplies on Tuesday, and Big Sis started second grade yesterday!  Little Sis has me to herself just one more day, because tomorrow, she starts kindergarten.  (Our schools have staggered kindergarten, where we choose one of three days to start the kids.  That way, they can get acquainted with their school and teacher in small groups, before the whole class convenes for the first time.)

I'm going through vacation pictures and future blog post ideas, while just trying to get through this crazy week!  Meanwhile, I've been playing lots of music, dancing around the house while trying to motivate myself. Yesterday, Big Sis got ready for school accompanied by a '90s music playlist I made myself on Spotify.

But I want to spotlight a few awesome new releases on the kindie/family music front today.  One of my new favorite albums for kids and families is the latest by Frances England, a singer-songwriter we've been listening to since Big Sis was a wee thing.

Blink of an Eye - Frances England

We don't listen to a lot of "kids'" music these days.  When the girls were little, I was very hip on all the new releases.  Ever since Big Sis started school, though, we've gravitated more to the radio (although Mom is still very picky and controls the dial!).  She needed to be able to relate to her friends.  She is almost eight, so she feels a bit too old for the music she loved when she was tiny.  However, there are exceptions.  Frances England is an exception.  Her music is too cool.

The whole album is great.  You can buy it via her website (or other means, of course), or download it on iTunes, or even stream it on Spotify, if you want a preview.  And there is a wonderful, happy song called "Bicycle Built for Two," which is a duet with Molly Ledford from the kindie band Lunch Money.  

Oh, yeah, we love Lunch Money, too.  Check out the video for "Spicy Kid," from their latest CD of the same name.  

Spicy Kid - Lunch Money

August 27th will see the release of what promises to be a fantastic album:  Turn Turn Turn, a collaboration between family music superstars Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell with You Are My Flower.  We were introduced to Dan Zanes when Big Sis was only a baby, and she would dance dance dance to his music.  A friend gave me Elizabeth Mitchell's CD with friend Lisa Loeb, Catch the Moon, as a baby gift.  We started listening to Mitchell's solo music soon afterward.  Zanes and Mitchell are hard to outgrow.  Their music is pretty timeless.  Little Sis still likes them both very much, and Big Sis refuses to remove them from the playlists she made for herself.  They still pop up among the Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, and Adele songs.

Turn Turn Turn - Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell
with You Are My Flower
Pre-order from Dan Zanes' website
Pre-order from Elizabeth Mitchell's website

If you're interested in cool music for kids and families at all, I recommend Stefan Shepard's amazing blog/website Zooglobble.  I also recommend Bill Childs' awesome radio show Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, which is available as a podcast.  Those were my favorite go-to places for music when the girls were tiny.  I also have a Pinterest board, if you're interested.


  1. Lovely and funny music videos!!! I need to be more up to date about music, esp in English. The only music I play in the house are lullaby or J-Pop or K-Pop, although hubby does play English but not often... I think I need to add more variety ;-)

    Back to school so soon? My boy won't start until the end of the month. You'll have some time off once they start for good!

    1. I admit, we don't listen to family/kids music the way we used to. But the good stuff is still good, even as the girls get older. I like to play old jazz, pop, and country, as well as my modern singer-songwriter and "indie" stuff. Big Sis has discovered pop music. I keep a close eye on it, but right now, she's very into Taylor Swift. I can handle that. Little Sis is into what everyone else is into, although she still prefers what she calls her "ballet music." By that, she means classical!

  2. Pinning. Putting on my cool list. I need major help in this department!

    1. Haha! Thanks. I'm not really the most up-to-date anymore, but these are folks I follow and pay attention to, even if it's almost for old-times' sake.


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