Beach and Boardwalk

I usually spend all summer complaining about summer.  I hate heat.  I hate to sweat.  I am a fall and winter creature.  But this year was different.  Some of it was due to the fact that Little Sis would start kindergarten, and I would suddenly be home alone, trying to figure out my next move.  A lot of it was due to the mildness of the season this year.

Our vacation was our last hurrah of the summer.  I'm glad we got to do some super-summery things, even if the weather never seemed to rise above 80 in southern New Jersey.  The beach and boardwalk in the Wildwoods are incredible.  We also visited beautiful, Victorian Cape May.

Not to mention our lovely outings in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.
The whole vacation was planned by and due to my wonderful brother-in-law and his partner.  The girls have amazing uncles.  We're very blessed.

Time to think about fall...

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  1. You really make me want to visit the boardwalk near my home too! It's so hot though I have been avoiding it this summer. I prefer autumn as well and I don't do well in this hot weather! But your photos are lovely, esp. as I saw them on Instagram while I was stuck at the office LOL

    1. I had never been on a proper boardwalk before! In fact, my only visits to the beach before now were at Port Aransas, TX, and twice at Tybee Island, GA. Kansas is very, very landlocked. :o)

      The temps are a lot warmer today than they have been here. Low 90s! I'm pathetic. I feel like melting away... I hate heat. This is nothing compared to the 110 degree weather we had last year, but I'm whining anyway.

  2. Oh these are SO pretty! What a fun trip! I need to get myself on Instagram......

    1. It was wonderful. And yes you do! We would LOVE it if you'd join us there!!!


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