Thinking About Fairy Crafts & Parties

Not actually doing any fairy crafts.  That's why this post is so late.  (But you should see our yard!  We can decorate the fairy house again!)

So the latest Wishworks catalog arrived in the mail as I was contemplating this post.  Wishworks and its parent company, Chasing Fireflies, are out of my price range - I feel like I should state that right now - but the pictures!  The ideas!  The fantasy of it all!  We get the catalogs, and the girls love to page through them and daydream.  And this one arrived just after Little Sis declared that she wants a fairy-themed birthday party this year.

I'm down with that.  I have a thing for fairies.  I have a thing for fairy parties.  I have a thing for parties.  (See here and here.)

Her birthday isn't until November, so I think we'll go "fall fairy" for the color scheme.  (We can fancy up her Halloween costume!)  But I do love this Cicely Mary Barker-inspired Flower Fairies party in the Wishworks catalog.

from Wishworks by Chasing Fireflies July 2013 catalog.

Perhaps we can base our own party off the Flower Fairies of Autumn!  I can get the book for inspiration...

I have two fairy craft books checked out from the library.  The books are very different.  One is full of fancier crafts, involving more store-bought materials and sometimes requiring a sewing machine.  The other is geared more toward kids, and makes use of recycled and household objects (plastic wrap, bath scrubbies).

The fancy book is appropriately titled Fairy Crafts, and is by Heidi Boyd.  Many of these crafts would make gorgeous party favors and decorations.

Fairy Crafts by Heidi Boyd.  North Light Books, 2003.

These are just a few of my favorite crafts in this book.  The lanterns are amazing.  (See the flower fairy dolls?  We made something like those once!)  I love the plates and tableware.  Perhaps with this much notice, I could make those.  In fact, this whole book screams "special event."

For everyday fairy fun, I like Fairy World Crafts by Kathy Ross (illustrated by Nicole in den Bosch).  The crafts are simpler, and even though the results are not as polished, they're rather perfect for a day stuck inside due to bad weather.

Fairy World Crafts by Kathy Ross, illustrated by Nicole in den Bosch.  Millbrook Press, 2008.

I'll post pictures of our fairy house when we get it back into shape.  Until then, I think I'm off to new subjects!

I've started a new pinboard just for Fairy Party Inspiration.  And to visit my pinboard devoted to all things fairy, troll, gnome, dragon, unicorn, etc, check out A Little Magic.

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  1. A Fall Fairy Party would be Fabulous!! I will probably have a fairy birthday party for one of my girls someday - we just found out that baby #3 is going to be a girl - with 3 girls, ya gotta have a fairy party at some point!! ;)

    1. Three girls?! How fun! I think if we tried for a third, it would be a girl again. I think we're done, though. My sister has 2 girls now, and 2 stepdaughters, too, so we're not hurting for girls in our family! I'm excited she picked this theme. And her parties are easier, because she doesn't invite as many kids as her sister does. ;o)

  2. It's going to be SO FAB!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaah I can't wait to see! What fun books. And I will be following your new board, OF COURSE.

    You're so lucky that your daughter chose a fairy party! I feel like mine never will, b/c she knows I want it so much, ha ha....

    1. I know! I feel like screaming "NO BACKSIES!" I love this theme too much. And in the fall, it will be perfect! Her sister's birthday comes first. She just wants Hello Kitty stuff, but I think we'll have it in a park and just let the kids be wild. She's just too popular. I need room! xoxo

  3. I don't think I am following you yet on Pinterest so I'll go check it out today!

    I can't wait to see what you will do with for the birthday party! Those are fantastic books; I want to read them all!!!

    1. My Pinterest boards are crazy. I'm trying not to start anymore, unless they serve an especially useful purpose, like party-planning or decorating. I found a bunch more fairy craft books online, but our library doesn't have them. I should probably give the fairy stuff a bit of a rest, but it's so much fun! xoxo

  4. The books look awesome. Can't wait for the fairy party!

    1. I'm excited! Her birthday isn't until November 1, and I have to deal with her sister's birthday first. I went all out on her circus party last year, though, so I told her this year, we're just going to invite everyone to a park to play. It's Little Sis's turn for the fancy party.


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