Independence Day

And a happy normal July 4th to everyone outside the United States.  We've been enjoying lower-than-usual temperatures, spending lots of time outside, so I haven't had much in the way of books to post about!  Our fairy house is coming along, Mr. B scaled a ladder and hung a swing from a tree in our front yard, and we bought materials for making our own homemade hula hoops!  Today, we'll celebrate the country's birthday with a dinner at my sister's new house.  And at some point, I plan on watching the History Channel's "Independence Day: The History of July 4," which I bought from Amazon Instant Video.

Our town stopped putting on big fireworks displays a few years ago.  People stopped going, I think, in favor of setting off their own.  Our neighborhood tends to go crazy until all hours of the morning on the 4th, so we figure if the girls are going to be up late anyway, let's celebrate with an old American pastime:  a night at the drive-in!  The weather has been beautiful, and the fireworks in our neighborhood make the girls very jumpy.

I thought I'd leave you with a few 4th of July links.

And here is a sweet moment from the Disney version of Pollyanna (1960), starring Hayley Mills.

And a happy 4th from the Muppets!

Be safe, and have a happy 4th!


  1. happy fourth, you guys! hope its a beautiful evening! :D

  2. Happy day sweet girl!!! will totally show Julia the videos. we don't go to a big town fireworks show either, the dads in our neighborhood go kind of crazy, so there's lots to see right out my front door....:)

    1. There were fireworks going off at 2:30 this morning - I could barely drag myself out of bed today! My drunk (now deceased) neighbor set the front of his house on fire with fireworks a few years ago. I called the fire dept. The girls have never forgotten it, and they're not keen on the noise, so we'll just be doing sparklers! Happy 4th, lady! xoxoxo

  3. Happy Fourth to you too! Our nearby town had their fireworks last night (go figure, no clue why) and a bunch of the families from our playgroup got together and watched them. The kids went wild with sparklers and glow sticks and snappers, well fueled by a sugar high from popsicles and all the other requisite goodies of a proper 4th party:)
    Hope you have a lovely day filled with tons of fun!

    1. That's funny - I went to my mom's in Oklahoma for the 4th once. It was on a Wednesday, and her hometown had decided to move the fireworks to another night so as not to interfere with church! (Big Baptist town.) We had to go elsewhere for fireworks.

      My grandma is making strawberry cream pie for dessert today. I figure the girls can get a little something at the drive-in tonight, too. Oh, the sugar...

      I'm glad you had a happy 3rd of July! Hope today is wonderful as well! xoxoxo

  4. Happy Independence Day to you and your family :)


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