Doll Bones

Doll Bones by Holly Black.

Illustrations by Eliza Wheeler.

Margaret K. McElderry Books,
an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division.


This weekend, I discovered I have quite a few friends who are creeped out by dolls.

If you are one of those people, you may or may not want to check out Doll Bones.  

Of course, I am a person who enjoys creepy stuff.  Especially creepy kids' books, which I find are often creepier than books geared toward adults.  (See Splendors and Glooms - scroll down.)

There isn't much I can say about this book without giving too much away.  It's about three friends.  They are at that age.  That horrible age between playing make-believe and growing up.  And it's about a doll.  A doll who may or may not be possessed by a ghost.  

I would guess this book is best for kids aged 9 to 12 or so.  I will say, my girls keep picking it up and looking at it.  (I didn't read it to them.)  Strangely enough, Little Sis expressed her desire this weekend to decorate her room with jars and baskets of old doll heads.  I know this is something she saw at the antique store recently, but it was such a funny request that I started a Pinterest board for her, all about decorating with dolls.  (And doll pieces.)  Friends of mine have even offered their own doll head collections.  Oh, my little ones and their macabre streaks...

I like dolls.  I was never creeped out by them.  Of course, I like clowns, too - especially the old-fashioned variety you see in old Lon Chaney movies and circus posters.  I have dolls hanging out with my books in the living room, in fact.

The bottom one is Scarlett O'Hara, by the way.  My great-aunt made her.

For more doll fun, check out my Pinterest boards:  here, here, here, and here.


  1. Creepy dolls are the scariest! Have you heard of this new movie called The Conjuring? It is supposed to be GREAT and VERY SCARY. And i think some kind of evil doll is in it. I loved scaryish books when I was little. LOVED. I think I read The Omen when I was 10, it was at a friend's house. OOPSIE. I loved scaring myself but I didn't love the not being able to sleep part later....

    Your aunt made that doll??? Incredible! She's gorgeous!!!

    1. I've heard good things about The Conjuring! I probably won't get to see it, but I'm interested. I liked a good ghost story, but I'd freak myself out as a kid. I saw Poltergeist and The Changeling (George C. Scott movie) when I was way too young. I loved them both, but couldn't sleep at night for weeks at a time! I was really into Stephen King and Dean Koontz in my early teens, too. ;)

      Yes, my great-aunt was a dollmaker, back in the day. She mostly worked in ceramics. She's also the one who made the giant Raggedy Ann you've seen around the blog before, too.

  2. Those dolls of yours are ADORABLE! This post about creepy kids' stuff reminded me of the movie Coraline - that movie freaked me out!!

    1. I love Coraline, the movie and the book! Little Sis is so much like me. She LOVES Coraline, but then she has trouble sleeping for a while. Eventually, she feels the need to watch it again. She loves to creep herself out.

  3. why hello there, I am your friend who enjoys creepy dolls! I bought a boudoir doll at a craft show a few years ago (google it! love them!) and all my friends were disturbed, lol. Ive always loved dolls, I think old ones are so interesting. I have a porcelain one that was my great-grandma's that she got from her vaudeville neighbors, love it. I'd say I'd prefer a doll to be a little creepy instead of sweet. Is that weird?
    And all that said--- this book looks SO good. Do you remember reading The Doll in the Garden as a kid? I still have my copy. and speaking of creepy doll books for kids, I read one called Behind the Attic Wall as a kid and it totally creeped me out...but in a good way. Maybe you'd like that too?
    And I like your daughter's taste in room decor! lol~ that's one way to make a doll go a long way, hehe!

    1. Hooray for creepy dolls! I love boudoir dolls! The Asian pose dolls I've recently started acquiring were inspired by the old French boudoir dolls. I agree, I love the old antique ones, too. There are some cool old French and German ones at the historical museum downtown. I like the sweet old-fashioned china dolls, too, but the bisque dolls with the mohair wigs and glass eyes are so much "creepier" and cooler to me.

      I never read The Doll in the Garden! The only Mary Downing Hahn ghost story I read, I think, was Wait Till Helen Comes. I still have my copy! I need to read The Doll in the Garden, though. I don't know why I never did. I just looked up Behind The Attic Wall - I need to read that one, too!

      I thought it was hilarious that one of my friends on Facebook offered to sell me her collection of dolls' heads. Crazy!

  4. Your great-aunt made a beautiful doll!!! That's amazing! I am scared of horror movies and books. I think some dolls are creepy but I am not too afraid of them. But my family and relatives...sigh... I have to hide my Pullips in a suitcase because people are so freaked out by them! LOL


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