10 Random Facts My 7-Year-Old Learned from Her Magic Tree House Books

Big Sis has been reading the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne for several months now.  They are very easy for her, so she's ripping through them quickly, with the occasional break for other books.  Many of the books deal with historical subjects, although science and nature figure into the plots, too.  However, aside from the first book and the Thanksgiving title, I haven't read any of them!  Miss Independent Reader has been keeping the books to herself.  So I asked her to write down 10 Random Facts - things she learned from reading the series.  (I think she might have known a few of these before, but I'm not certain.  She's only 7.)  I'm going to set her up on the official website this weekend.  She's excited to take quizzes and play games!

1.  George Washington, the president, was a general and hero in the Revolutionary War.  [#22: Revolutionary War on Wednesday]

2.  The fires after the San Francisco earthquake were as bad as the actual earthquake.  [#24: Earthquake in the Early Morning

3.  There is no rain or wind in space.  [#8:  Midnight on the Moon]

4.  Playing pirates might be fun, but meeting a real pirate would be very scary.  [#4: Pirates Past Noon]

5.  In the Civil War, they had field hospitals if anyone got wounded.  [#21:  Civil War on Sunday]

6.  The first Olympics took place in Ancient Greece!  [#16:  Hour of the Olympics]

7.  Making food was really hard during the first Thanksgiving.  (I think my least favorite food would be eel, if I tried it.  I don't even like fish!)  [#27:  Thanksgiving On Thursday]

8.  In Ancient Egypt, the Book of the Dead was there to help dead people travel through the underworld.  [#3:  Mummies in the Morning]

9.  Some people think crocodiles were kept in moats.  A moat is water that circles around a castle to protect it from enemies.  [#2:  The Knight at Dawn]

10.  Jaguars are the biggest predators in the rain forest, in South America.  [#6:  Afternoon on the Amazon]

Thank you, my oldest daughter.  It's wonderful to learn something through fun fiction books, 
don't you think?

Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!
And may you learn something new, too!


  1. :) So nice! I will share these facts with my girl, she will like specially the fact about Egypt. She is currently obsessed with Cleopatra.

    1. Big Sis got to go on an outing with her godparents today, which included a stop at a used bookstore. They bought her several books about Ancient Egypt!

  2. I've been reading these with (to) my 5 year old and can attest- they are so wonderful! I love a book that introduces kids to and excites kids about history!

  3. This is so cool! She's learning so many cool facts! J won't touch those books! bummer.

    1. Melissa, tell her that Morgan Le Fay and Merlin are characters in the books. Maybe the magical element might entice her?

  4. This is wonderful. Kids do lean so much from reading fiction. Her list is so great! Let me ask my son what he learned from his summer reading....

    1. She still has several lying around the house. Some are from the library. I'm deciding whether or not it's safe to take library books on vacation...


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