Library Day

But I have to admit, I'm most excited about a certain non-book item we checked out.  Crossing fingers that the daughters love this  as much as I did when I was a kid!

(I was fascinated by Medusa.)

(R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen)

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  1. one of my most favoritest movies EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    oh the library. every time I walk in, I feel so happy. Every time!

    1. We still have to find a good time to watch it together.

      The library is a grand place to be. And I have more to pick up there already, so I will probably be making another trip!

  2. Love love love the Library :) Best place to spend an afternoon... or a morning or an evening actually :D

    Oh I remember that movie!!! I think we watched this with the kids (the end mostly) and they were very very impressed by the Kraken.

    1. Oh,yes! I think the Kraken is the most popular part!


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