Girl Cave!

My family room is a topsy-turvy girl cave today.
Tomorrow may be the first day of summer,
but today is hot enough!

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  1. Girl cave!!! I love that name! LOL seems so much better than Man Cave! I imagine candies and dolls, and yummy cupcakes with tea on a little table :D

    I notice you have a book rotating shelf on your photo. Where did you get that??? I wished I could get one!

    1. Girl Cave is the name my littlest came up with for what they wanted. My husband turned the entire room into their own private fort!

      The Little Golden Book rack was salvaged from the bookstore where I used to work. My particular location closed at the end of 2011, and I wanted that rack! Keep an eye out for closing bookstores. Unfortunately, even the big guys are closing brick and mortar stores.

    2. Thanks for the info! It always makes me sad to see bookstores closing :(

  2. Watching the kids' imagination bloom is pure loveliness. :)


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