Daddy's Day is Two Days Away!

Instead of doing my usual Friday "what we've been reading/doing" round-up, I thought I'd let Big Sis take over.  She interviewed her daddy, Mr. B, for this very special Father's Day weekend post!  

Big Sis:  What's your favorite book to read with us?

  • Mr. B:  The thing is, I don't have a favorite book.  I like it when we read our science and history books.  I still like it when we read David or Elephant & Piggie - it reminds me of when you guys were little.  I mostly like it when we read something and it sparks a question, and we have to look it up.  When it sparks a conversation.

Big Sis: What's your favorite movie or show to watch with us?
Big Sis:  What's you favorite activity to do with us?
  • Mr. B:  I like it when you help me build something.  I like that both of you have paid attention and know what tools I'm asking for, and that when I hand you a tool, you use it properly.  I like it that you guys don't grab-a?? when we work.  

Big Sis:  What's your favorite part of being a dad?
  • Mr. B:  Just the opportunity to meet and be a part of two wonderful young ladies' lives.

Big Sis:  If we could give you anything for Father's Day, what would it be?
  • Mr. B:  Anything that you guys make or give me with love is perfect!  Or a bass boat.


  1. awesome interview! Great idea for a father's day post!!! It's fun to see some Mr. B on here :) now I'm curious how Trapper would answer these questions!

    1. Thanks! I was happy they agreed to play. I don't think I did anything for Father's Day on the blog last year. Mr. B helped me pick out the pictures. I think he's pretty proud of how this post turned out, actually. ;o) I'd love to read more daddy-kid interviews!

  2. What a nice daddy!!!!! LOVE that last pic of the girlies when they were small! And that elephant and piggy pic, oh my gosh those are priceless! Truly glorious. :)

    1. That picture at the bottom is one of my favorites. We were at our favorite donut shop after Big Sis's very first ballet class observation. We have a funny picture of Mr. B mid-conversation, holding a maple bacon donut and Little Sis attempting to lunge for it. He was oblivious to it, of course.

      He told me to find the picture on his Facebook, reading to the girls when they were little. I wound up finding the whole series in my stash. We didn't remember that the book they were reading was Elephant & Piggie. :o)

  3. What a great interview! Awesome questions -and answers! Happy Father's Day! <3

  4. What a beautiful post! There's nothing better than seeing a Daddy loving his kids; its one of the sweetest things on earth.


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