Where Did the Baby Go?

Where Did the Baby Go? by Sheila Hayes, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.
Golden Press, Western Publishing Company, Inc. 1974.

Some excerpts from another Little Golden Book, illustrated by the wonderful Eloise Wilkin.  (You can find my Eloise Wilkin pinboard here.)

There once was a little girl who always asked questions.

She finds a photo of a baby wearing a big hat.  She asks her mother (who is busy refinishing a chair - I love that touch) who the baby is.  Her mother tells her she sees the baby everyday.  The mother drops hints about what the baby was like, and what the baby likes to do now.  

We know where this is going...

Today is Little Sis's preschool graduation.

The title of this book?  I'm asking myself the same question.

Come mid-August, both of my babies will be in all-day school.

Mommy is having a hard time right now.


  1. Another great illustrated book! I am falling in love with Eloise Wilkin thanks to you! Want them all to read to my little baby girl ♥

    1. She was one of the Little Golden Book classic illustrators. They are re-releasing many of her books, and there is a treasury available, too. I'm always on the lookout for more!

  2. Isn't it horrible having to ask that question? My daughter turned 5 this weekend and I am still in shock, it just cannot be. I know time flies when you're having fun but still, couldn't it slow down, just a little, and keep her this way for me for a few years more?

    1. Yep. Tomorrow's the last day of 1st grade for my oldest. I'll have a second grader and a kindergartner. I'm not ready for that. ;o)


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