Owl Babies

Some board books take longer to outgrow than others.  We love Owl Babies.  

And you can watch it, too!  Here's a sweet little Owl Babies break for you today.

(By the way, my husband has been informed that he "doesn't read it right."  It's my job.  I do the cuter Bill voice.)

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell,
illustrated by Patrick Benson.
Candlewick Press, 1992 (USA).


  1. LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. This one is a keeper-forever. No one should leave childhood without reading this one! So excited to show my kiddo the video!

    1. It's very sweet. Walker Books U.K. has quite a few wonderful animated shorts of picture books. Poke around YouTube, and you can also find We're Going on a Bear Hunt, among others.

  2. No doubt... this is a book that all my kids still enjoy! just one of the very best!!!

    1. I read it for a winter storytime once, and we made mason jar owl snowglobes. I only had 4 or 5 kids that day, so it was pretty manageable. The girls still have theirs, although the googly eyes and construction paper beaks and wings are in varying states of falling off.


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