Jack and Jill, May 1961

Welcome to May!  Does it feel like May where you are?  It's cold and wet in south-central Kansas.  They are still predicting snow, but for tonight.  I wouldn't mind snow, but I hate freezing rain!  Or even cold rain!  I can't warm up.  Waaaahhh.

Okay.  Today I have another vintage magazine for you.  This is an issue of Jack and Jill from 1961.  There are some real gems in this one.  I even scanned the first two pages of The Story of Babar for you!  It was serialized, the rest appearing in the next issue, which I don't have.

 I do have a May issue of Children's Playmateand since it's also worth sharing, look for that post later this month.  Unlike Children's Playmate, Jack and Jill is still in print!  I love that.  There was a lot to choose from in this magazine, and due to its larger format, I had to scan each page separately.  I hope you don't mind the jump!

Happy May!

Inside the front cover.

page 6

page 8

page 9

page 20

page 21

page 22

page 23

page 24

page 25

page 26

page 27

page 32

page 33
page 34

page 35

page 37

page 47

page 54

page 55

inside the back cover

back cover

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