It's Friday: Whatcha Readin'?

Well, the big news on the picture book front in our house is we finally got the latest Fancy Nancy.  Fancy Nancy: Fanciest Doll in the Universe [by Jane O'Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser, Harpercollins, 2013] was Little Sis's pre-K graduation gift from Yours Truly.  The three of us girls snuggled in bed Wednesday night to read it, and Little Sis spent all day yesterday in various states of "fancy" dress.  The missing Fancy Nancy sock was recovered, the little plush Nancy was cuddled...

This is the second BIG Fancy Nancy release since I lost my bookstore job.  Last January, Harpercollins sent my just-closed store an event kit anyway [Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet], which a fellow bookseller and I split between us.  This year's kit looks like it must have been really cool.  I'm sure our remaining big-box store held a Fancy Nancy event, but I just can't bring myself to go there.  I miss doing this stuff myself.  Waaaahhhh...

So in this book, Nancy's little sister, Jo-Jo, in full pirate mode, draws a tattoo on Nancy's beloved doll, Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier.  Nancy is devastated and angry, as the tattoo will not wash off.  To cheer her up, her mother takes her to a "History Doll Gala."  (A-ha!  So Marabelle is an American Girl-type doll.)  While there, Nancy's doll accidentally gets switched with another girl's doll, which is in worse shape than Marabelle.  It is because of the tattoo that Nancy's doll is recovered.  While Nancy isn't happy that Jo-Jo defaced her doll, she does forgive her in the end.  (Cute touch - on the last page, we see that Jo-Jo has written her name in permanent marker on the wall.)

I do like the Fancy Nancy books.  I understand how people can tire of them, but I like that Glasser's illustrations are full of Nancy's improvised, homemade versions of "fancy."  Check out the clothespins on Nancy's "hoop skirt" on the cover of the new book!  And Mr. B says, "I like the parents."  They know Nancy's over-the-top, but they're kind and encourage her to be herself with a wink.

I've read a few books myself this week.  I've finished the second book in the All-of-a-Kind Family series.

All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown
by Sydney Taylor.  Follet, 1972.

I'm enjoying the series very much, all ye who convinced me to read them.  

And thanks to this post, I have read The Selection.

The Selection by Kiera Cass.
HarperTeen, 2012.

Here's the book trailer, if you're interested.

Oh, dear.  I haven't decided if I liked the book, but I know I'll have to see the series through.  And the library doesn't have Book #2, The Elite.  Shall I buy it?  Oh, and they're working on a series for The CW.  I probably won't watch it, as I really don't watch much series television.

And for younger kids (but older than mine), there's the first book in The Time-Traveling Fashionista series, which despite the title - which held no appeal to me - I decided to check out.

The Time-Traveling Fashionista
by Bianca Turetsky.
Poppy, 2011.

And despite the title, I rather enjoyed the book.  I like vintage clothes and Old Hollywood, too, of course, but I'm no "fashionista."  (HA!  Nooooooooo....)  It sounded pretty silly.  But the book was actually rather cool, with a little history lesson (the Titanic!) and some awesome illustrations.  Aaaaaaand, my library doesn't have Book #2, The Time-Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette.  But of course!

Oh, yeah, book trailer:

And at bedtime, we're still reading the Clementine books, Big Sis is reading Magic Tree House and Ramona books, and I'm trying to memorize lines for a Wild West version of Two Gentlemen of Verona.  (I'm playing Speed, but as a female.)  

One last thing before I break for the weekend.  This afternoon, I'm going to a funeral for a friend.  This woman, a beautiful and creative elementary school art teacher, passed away from brain cancer this week, after only being diagnosed last summer.  So if the opportunity presents itself, wear something bright and colorful this weekend and give all your loved ones an extra hug or "I love you."  

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  1. I'm so tremendously sorry about your friend, D. Hugs to you. I can't wait for the day when this scourge is eradicated from this world.

    Guess what! I am reading 'The Selection' too. Right now! (as in, not right this second, but as in this is the book I am reading now). I can already tell...the writing isn't brilliant, but it's fun enough.

    And guess what else. I had to go find out about it. The pilot for the CW was reworked TWICE. And the 2nd cast looked awesome. But just recently, I think like in the past few days, CW passed on it AGAIN. In favor of another show 'Reign' which is about a teen Mary Stuart and was supposedly the stronger offering.

    I'm bummed! I think 'The Selection' would have made for a great show! But I'm intrigued by a young-Queen-Mary show as well. Hope it's not too dumb. Oh CW.....

    1. Thanks.

      I probably would never watch it. I think the book is interesting. Maybe a little too close to The Hunger Games for me, and not as good. But I've committed myself! Must find the second book...

  2. Love seeing all these book selections! So sorry about your friend, Danzel.

  3. Oh... so sad, I don't know why Cancer is.

    I love Fancy Nancy too... though we only own the first book as of yet. As Kitten grows I'm sure that collection will grow as well! She is much more fancy than I am... I am the opposite of Fancy and not the least bit fashionista either (though both my sisters manage to make up for what I lack in that area... ;)

    1. It's an evil disease. Evil.

      My oldest has definitely outgrown her fancy phase, but the little one still has her fancy moods. They both like the books! Big Sis has been reading the Nancy Clancy chapter books, which she likes very much. :o)

  4. I echo the condolences. Absolutely terrible.
    We are reading The Two Towers, however Myles is trying to detour us to Son of Neptune books by Riordan. It looks mildly entertaining but, I am always suspicious when the females wardrobe is described with a little too much detail. Fiona is Ramona obsessed, with a sprinkling of fairy tales. Oh, and one more thing.. We fell in love with Binky the Space Cat. Pretty hilarious.

    1. Okay, I never heard of Binky the Space Cat. That looks hilarious! I admit, I haven't read Tolkien yet. I need to fix that. I read the 5 Percy Jackson books, which I liked - they got better as they progressed. I haven't read the later Olympians books, though. And we LOVE Ramona around here! ;)


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