Friday! Yay!

And it's Friday!  Already?  Yup!  And I have a house to straighten up.  And Mr. B is going to Big Sis's school to talk about being a railroad conductor to a classroom of first graders.  And my mom is coming in from Oklahoma on a bus.  And both girls will dance their little hearts out in their first of a weekend of dance recitals.

So here is a wrap-up of stuff since last Friday.  Little Sis and I did this:

This is Little Sis's go-to TV show.  I never realized how many of her strange sayings and behaviors are coming from Bessie Higgenbottom.  That said, I love that she prefers Bessie to Disney Princesses.  I'm nervous that Netflix might not renew their contract with Viacom. We'd miss The Mighty B around here. (Amy Poehler rocks!  I hope this is still around in a few years for Big Sis.)'

EDIT:  Since I wrote this post, Netflix discontinued their arrangement with Viacom, which owns Nick.  Now we watch The Mighty B! on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

We're reading this at bedtime right now:

Clementine, Friend of the Week by
Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Marla Frazee.
Hyperion, 2010.

I'm still collecting mac and cheese recipes for a future post.  But I have a confession:  I keep forgetting to photograph the ones we try.  I have a definite leader, though.  And since I've made it three or four times already, it's pretty sad I forget to snap a stupid picture.

Tomorrow is May the Fourth, which is a very punny "holiday."  By the time I was Little Sis's age, I had seen all three of the original Star Wars movies in the theatres, and we owned the first two on Selectavision CEDs.    I raced back to the theaters my sophomore of college to see the special edition re-releases, and while they were disappointing, I did see all three prequels in the theater.  (Multiple times for episodes 2 and 3.)  But my daughters?  They refuse to watch Star Wars anything.  It's driving me crazy.  Mr. B and I insist we will have a marathon viewing of the original trilogy this summer.  Anyway, if you have the time to celebrate May the Fourth, here is a Pinterest board of mine full of inspiration.  And May the Fourth be with you!

And this is stuck in my head right now:

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And I hope you fit in more books than I probably will this weekend.  Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!


  1. Ok, thanks to you, we are SO INTO MIGHTY B!!!!!!!!!!!!! J loves it. I love it. Amy Poehler = best ever forever :)

    Also thanks to you, J loooooved her My Little Pony book. She tore thru it!

    The Clementines are so fun aren't they? Oh gads, where did I just see it, a really good looking mac n cheese....Oh, in one of my Jamie Oliver cookbooks. He uses ground up anchovies and sun ground tomatoes! And then garlicky breadcrumbs on the top. I've never made it, but it looks intriguing. I still need to make that one from Izzy Cossack's site, is that her name? I think I pinned it last month. The one with tortellini? I think?

    1. That's the one! I pinned it. I've made it with everything but the tortellini. The cream cheese makes it pretty awesome. My very favorite right now is one I pinned from A Beautiful Mess, made with pepper jack. I used to be too wimpy even for pepper jack, but I'm really liking it right now. I've made it with colby jack and cheddar for the other cheese, and we preferred it with cheddar.

      I'm so glad J liked her Pony book! And as I type this, the youngest is drawing Penny and Portia from The Mighty B. I now know that her evenings of dressing up like a cat are Bessie-inspired. So are some of her weirder songs and sayings. You should see my husband watching it with her. Actually, he puts it on when the kids aren't even here sometimes.

    2. I've decided that Portia is my favorite character!! sooooo funny!! xo


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