And I'm Back...

Here in the States, it's Memorial Day, and the third day in a three day weekend.  A time to honor fallen heroes, as well as those loved ones who have passed on.  It's also a day often spent at a grill or by a lake.

School is over for the year.  Big Sis's last day was Wednesday.  I'm still a stay-at-home mom right now, and my husband doesn't have a regular schedule so for us, the whole "three day weekend" thing doesn't mean much.

But a Happy Memorial Day to all of my readers here Stateside, and thoughts and prayers to all those no longer with us.

I'm sorry to disappear for so long.  (If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you will know I haven't been completely gone.)  I posted last Monday that we were fine after storms blew through our town.  Then later the same day, I watched the news out of Oklahoma and the next day, I just didn't know what to post.  I spent all of Wednesday at our elementary school, reading and picnicking with my daughter's first grade class.  (And figuring out the tornado plan for the building...)

The past week has brought the end of the school year, kitten drama, and horrible mini-meltdowns related to theatre and why I'm even still doing it (even in my little local setting), and related to my kids getting older and what the future will bring.  I think I'm on some sort of long-winded PMS self-doubt meltdown.  I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life, once the girls are both in school next year.  My blog output will have to slow down if I go back to work, so perhaps acclimating myself to an irregular schedule is a good thing.

And I just know you wanted to know all about that, didn't you?

And there were things I wanted to tell you about.  They just escaped my brain.

I never told you about the birthday tea party I took Big Sis to last weekend.  There is a new tea room at a favorite local coffee/tea/spices shop, which is housed in the old Mentholatum building.  (Yep, Mentholatum was born here!  The founder's name is on parks and school here.  Alas, when he died, the family moved the whole works to Buffalo...)  The party was for one of her ballet class friends, and it was so sweet.  The girls decorated hats, drank tea and ate cookies, watched an Indian dance (tea, India...), had a tea kettle-shaped cake, and read Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet.  It was quite lovely.

And last night, I finally took the girls to see Oz, The Great & Powerful.  Low expectations are a great thing, because much to my surprise, I enjoyed myself.  I know most people liked the visuals and design of the movie, and I'm sure they were talking about the Oz scenes, but I really wanted to jump into the film during the black and white carnival scenes, at the beginning of the movie.  I love vintage carnival and circus visuals so much.  The striped tents, the old-fashioned clown, the magic lantern...  I wanted to find a photo to show you, but I could only find a couple via Google, and they didn't show enough.  Sooooooo...  if you like vintage carnival/circus/sideshow images, check out this pinboard.

The girls are signed up for the library's summer reading program.  I'll have some books to share this week.  I'm reading Mary Poppins to myself for the first time.  I'm still working on memorizing my lines as Speed in Two Gentlemen of Verona.  I have not started watching the new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix yet, despite the fact that Mr. B and I often felt like the only people watching it back in the day on Fox.

So that's my not-so-entertaining recap.  My sense of humor is slightly impaired right now and I'm fighting off a bad cough, so bear with me.

How about I just get back to posting pictures of books tomorrow?

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  1. Hi sweetie! I loved this post. I like it when people get chatty about random things :) ~ I'm in the same boat. I have no idea what I'm going to be doing in 6 months. I've been very strongly considering trying to get back on with the type of legal work I did pre-child, but it's either full time or no time, with a long commute...and I'm just not sure. Anyway, kisses and hugs and all of that. :)

    1. I kept rewriting whole paragraphs, to sound a little more upbeat. Or at least semi-humorously self-deprecating. ;o) Now that I've semi-explained myself, we can get back to regularly scheduled (or not scheduled) programming.

      I'm keeping an eye out for a job at the school, so I can work full-time AND be there for special events, etc. If that doesn't pan out, though, I'll look for part-time work, so I can be room mom for Little Sis for a year or two. It wouldn't be fair to have put in so much time in Big Sis's classes, and never hers.

  2. Self reflection is a good thing! And that tea party looks like it was just delightful. AND you totally deserved a break last week- we are taking today off. Honestly I could never blog 5 days a week if it weren't for Whit. I don't know how you gals do it!

    1. I have my occasional moments, but it isn't usually such a problem for me. ;o) The tea party was darling. Such a nice idea. Only one other little girl came, but she was also from ballet class. We've never socialized together beyond dance, so it was nice to get to know new people better!

  3. Life sure can throw many things our way. I have been quiet on my blog too. Work is really stressing me out. My son is having extensive oral surgery Thursday. Plus I gave up my six cup of coffee a day habit which makes for one cranky mama. I feel your pain. I hope you enjoy your summer with your girls. Good books and good company will help to beat the blues :)

    1. Did you quit coffee completely, or just go down a few cups??? I usually have a couple cups a day, and the idea of giving it up is sooooo hard. I love my coffee, I love my tea. But I don't drink soda, so there's that, I guess...

      I hope everything goes well with the surgery! I'm sure that's difficult for you. Big hugs, mama. And I hope work gets better. I hope you can get back to blogging soon, but I wish you good books, company, and a happy summer, too.

    2. Yes... it's now been seven days. The headaches are finally gone thank heavens. The surgery got postponed. So it's more stress until it's all over. I feel like we are on a roller coaster... Thanks for the hugs. I am praying extra hard for no tornadoes. :)

  4. I hope you will recover quickly! Self-questioning is good, you need it to improve :) Being stationary is going backward!

    I wished I have time to read like you. I really miss reading novels :(

    So the movie was good? I was wondering if my boy would like it and it wasn't too boring for a child. His dad will probably take him to the movies and I'll stay home and listen to their review once they go home!

    1. I enjoyed the movie. Perfect, no. As I explained to the girls, it's other people's version of what MIGHT have brought the wizard to Oz. They understood that well enough. There were some laughs, and the visuals were cool. (Since we saw it at the discount house, it probably goes without saying that we saw the 2D version.)

      I'm enjoying the reading while I can. I'm sure that once school starts again and I find myself a job, my reading time will drop again. :o)


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