Icy Day Instagrams

This weekend: Warm, Sunny.

It turned out that repairing the busted wheel on Big Sis's old bike cost more than a sparkly new bike.  Sparkly new bike it is!  And a scooter for Little Sis.

Yesterday, the high was around 72.  Sunny, warm.

The girls' uncles got them a Zoku ice pop maker!

By 6 PM, the skies looked like this:

The temperature dropped 20 degrees in less than an hour.

And this is today:  Ice.  Everywhere.  Freezing rain.  Freezing drizzle.

I've been reading a lot this week!  (A Bargain For Frances I read to Big Sis's first grade class today.)

For the record, I had another post planned today.  I've been compiling pictures from poetry books of rain poems, because we did have some rain earlier this week.  Warm April rain, the kind Langston Hughes wrote about in "April Rain Song."

But today isn't a warm April rain.

This is December stuff.

So that's that.

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  1. Andrew showed me the weather report -- the kind where you can see the whole country -- it was seriously a WALL OF COLD hitting up against mild temps, it was wild! I heard Colorado has a 55 degree temp change in one day. It's 'The Day After Tomorrow'! Aaaaah! I knew it would happen one day! (I watch that movie whenever it's on TV and think of it as a documentary. Andrew laughs and laughs.)

    1. I only saw a little bit of that movie. But that's okay. ;o) Someone posted a screenshot yesterday where a town in extreme northwest Kansas was already at -2, we were at 50-something, and southeastern Kansas was almost 80 degrees. Eventually, it was cold all over. It's supposed to be back in the 70s on Sunday. :o)

  2. That pic of the ice coating the tree is very telling, very telling indeed. yeah, time to cuddle up with a book for sure!

    1. It was crazy. The power lines were hanging so low in the backyard, I kept waiting for the electricity to go out. But it never happened. It was beautiful in the sunlight this morning! Now it's melting. It sounds like it's raining.

  3. Strange weather! I usually like rain because it's so darn hot in Texas usually. But freezing rain, not so much. I hope you'll get some sun back soon!

    1. Oh, the sun is out today! It will be in the 40s, and by Sunday, it will be back in the 70s. I don't mind the cold, because the last two summers have gifted us with 110-115 degree weather. I'm absorbing all the cold that I can. ;o)


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