The OZ Museum, Part Three

Oz trolls!  Let's get kitschy!

Remember this picture from the previous post of Big Sis watching the silent movie?

Did you wonder what Little Sis was giggling about and pointing to in the background?

I think she had just found the troll dolls.

Here are some of the other goodies we saw in The OZ Museum.

Cool food collectibles:  Sealtest cottage cheese glasses, Swift's Peanut Butter pails, Swift's peanut butter glasses, and Swift's Oz Peanut Butter jars.
Avon Oz bubble bath from the 1960s, 1939 Soapy Characters from the Land of Oz, MD Toilet Tissue dolls from 1971, and 1970s "Doodle Dolls" from Milton Bradley.

"Off to See the Wizard" 1960s television show toys and games by Mattel, 1965 Procter and Gamblepuppet theater.

Framed records:  Story records, soundtracks, Willie Nelson's Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

So much Oz stuff you never even knew existed.  I'm in love with the peanut butter and cottage cheese containers.  Wouldn't that be a blast to have in your kitchen?  (Kitschen?)

 Our last stop was the gift shop, full of fun souvenirs.

This tornado machine was in the gift shop.  Little Sis was brave.
Big Sis chose a ruby slipper ring and a little journal with a pen.

Little Sis chose a toy Toto.

And I chose the Autumn 2012 edition of "The Baum Bugle."

Unfortunately, Toto's Tacoz! next door was closed.

There is also an Oz Winery in Wamego, which Mr. B and I might have checked out sans kids.  Alas, we headed to the beautiful park (complete with Dutch windmill!) for a spell, then headed on our merry way!  Down our own yellow brick road - er, the Flint Hills Scenic Byway.

And that concludes our visit to The Oz Museum.  Again, I apologize for the picture quality, but as you can tell, most of the exhibits are under glass, and I'm no professional.  I just wanted to share the experience the best I could, because I love Oz.  I love Oz very much.  See my blog title (the silver shoes part).  See my Marvelous Land of Oz pinboard.  I want to go play with Ozma and Dorothy and Scraps and The Shaggy Man and Polychrome the Rainbow's Daughter.  Sigh.  Tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

This was Part Three of three posts.  Part One can be found here, and Part Two is here.
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  1. That tornado machine looks awesome! And I love the ruby slippers ring :)

    1. We have a machine like that at an interactive museum here in town. Big Sis has been in that one before, so she didn't feel like doing this one. ;o) I'm keeping an eye on that ring. It seems like something that will get lost pretty soon.

  2. This is SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! I would have lost my mind with excitement. I can't believe this all exists! Love the expression in the tornado machine. Oh Polychrome!! She was my absolute favorite!!!

    1. I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but between lighting, the glass, and my timing, there are a lot of things I can't even begin to show. The bottom tornado machine picture reminds me of Drew Barrymoore in Firestarter. I love Polychrome! Scraps is my hero, though.

  3. This blog gave me luck. A week or so after wandering onto it I found two Swift's OZ peanut butter jars at an estate sale. One even has a close-to-perfect label.


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