Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Or maybe it's just Little Sis.

Her sister did her makeup.

Being a kitty is tiring stuff.

Word has it that Google Reader is shutting down.  Never fear!   Follow along with Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes on FacebookBloglovinInstagram, and/or Pinterest!


  1. Really? About google. so on our dashboards on blogger, will our list of blogs that we follow still be there?

    LOVE these cute kitty and faux kitty pix. love the sleepy shot!

    1. I don't know about the blogs on our dashboard. I don't really linger there much, since it only shows the Blogger blogs. This is all I know, which I've seen repeated many times throughout the day: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/03/r-i-p-google-reader/. It's funny, I used to plaster all the blogs or news services with an RSS feed on my My Yahoo page, then when I switched to iGoogle, to my iGoogle page. Then last summer, they announced iGoogle would be going away, so I started using Google reader. I was subscribed to too many blogs, though, so I started a Bloglovin account, mainly to start my list over. I think it's easier to organize anyway. I still follow too many, though.

      Thanks! She looked so sweet, and since she fell asleep with some white Christmas lights turned on, I actually had decent enough lighting for a picture. :o)

    2. Okay, Google Friend Connect is going away, too. So that probably answers that question. Google is focusing their attention on Google+ right now. (I don't really like Google+. Will they kick me off Blogger for saying that?) ;o)

    3. oh pickle I don't understand any of that stuff. I'll just keep track of the blogs i like in my head I guess. THAT should work out JUST FINE. :)

    4. Start a feedly or bloglovin account. They both claim that you can transfer your Google stuff over. It's worth a try!


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