An Oz-tastic Preview

We went on a little day trip yesterday.  It will take me a while to wade through the pictures and write a reasonable post.  I have books I should post about instead.  But I'm too excited!  

Because we went to an OZ MUSEUM yesterday!  

Forgive me for leaving you with just a little preview.  I will have a whole post full of pictures and info up next week.  But for now, I need to relax a bit...  

Because there's no place like home.  

(Although Oz is pretty awesome, too!)

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  1. I'm totally impressed that you got this much together for a post the day after your day trip! WOW! looks like a great adventure. :) Lil sis's face of boredom in the car cracked me up on insta.

    1. Little Sis does not appreciate a good road trip. And Big Sis used it as reading time. She finished Beezus and Ramona today! Her first big kid book read entirely on her own!

  2. WOW! That museum looks awesome. Love the Wizard of Oz.

    1. Most of these pictures are from one room of the museum! It was a total treat! :)


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