A Winter Walk by the River, in Pictures

The Keeper of the Plains by Blackbear Bosin.  One of my two favorite Wichita "guys."

The Keeper stands at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers.
And yes, Kansans pronounce it "Ar-Kansas," not "Arkansaw."

My other favorite Wichita "guy" - the Wichita troll by Constance Ernatt.  

Back view of the troll.  Love the frog on his shoulder.
Not pictured:  his other arm is missing due to vandals.  A stick has been wedged into his
shoulder in its place.  Sometimes I really dislike people.

A view along the river.  The tall building used to be a Holiday Inn.
I dare you to  watch this terrible made-in-Wichita movie sometime.  This building
figures in the finale.

The swans, geese, and ducks were out in full force.


  1. That troll is so so so cool! Why are people so horrible sometimes? That makes me sad about his missing arm. I didn't notice the frog on his shoulder in the instagram. love that detail!

    1. I'd noticed it from the top before, but you can definitely see it better if you peer in through the grate from behind. He's chained below an upper grate on a hill behind the old electric company building. The first time we saw him, we didn't know he was there. Every night, weather permitting, a ring of fire is lit around the Keeper, where it burns for a few minutes. We had gone as a family to watch the lighting. Afterward, we took a walk to see part of the veterans memorial along the river. We went up the hill, and a group of people were standing on this grating, a green light shining up from below. We continued to the memorial. On our way back, no one was at the grating anymore, so we stopped to see what the green light might be. We looked down and there was a troll! I just love him. Wichita has added a lot of cool public art in the past decade or so, but he's my favorite.

  2. Bright sun!!! lovely! is that snow diminishing a bit?

    1. As of today, it is mostly gone, except for some of the mountains made by snow plows and such. I was thinking, as I walked to pick Big Sis up from school, it's a marshmallow world when there's snow. When the snow melts, is it a chocolate world? No... it's... just... MUD. Lots of mud.

      Chance of rain or snow tonight. ;o)


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