Snowed In

We call it The Blizzard of Oz.

School is cancelled again today.  All weekend, forecasters were predicting another 15 inches, on top of the 14.2 we received Thursday and Friday.  Now they say 5-8 inches, but with wind?  Ice?  No matter what, our city can't keep up with the road conditions, so it's better to stay in.  

I think Mother Nature looked at us and said, "Oops!  Sorry, Kansas!  I guess I missed you last year."

Some folks in town have built awesome snowpeople.  We tried.  We couldn't get the snow to pack.  


We're waiting for the next snowfall, then I think we'll try an igloo.

Good things about being stuck at home:
What's this?  Organization?

Project Playroom is complete!  For now...
Reading Time!  I'm finishing the last book in the "Mother-Daughter Book Club" series...
and the girls and I have started Roald Dahl's The BFG.  (Katie is not impressed.)
Nachos and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.  Pajamas optional.

Bad Thing About Being Snowed In (Or Good - Depends on Your Perspective):
We still have cases of Girl Scout Cookies in our living room to sell.
And sometimes, it's really, really hard to resist selling them to yourself...

Big Sis was running a high fever last night, so I guess she'd be home anyway.

Now to tackle Mt. Laundry...

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  1. Oh my goodness, more snow, seriously?? Wow! I looove the girls' playroom, it is magical!

    1. Thanks! We still need to refinish those pesky floors, but ugh... And I'm sure we should weed out more toys. It's just a small space to work with.

      And yep, it's coming down hard right now! Only this time there's wind. It's blowing sideways!

  2. Looks like wonderful snowed in goodness (except for the running a fever part- bummer) I say the cookie thing is a good thing! Nicely done on the girls playroom... I should try to organize something someday. I should. Mt laundry is calling my name too...

    1. Yeah, I am procrastinating badly today. I still need to start the laundry. I'm surprised I got dishes down. I bought some Thanks-A-Lot yesterday (chocolate-backed shortbread), thinking they were my least favorite. Then I dipped one in hot coffee. Oh, wooooooowwww...

  3. Hellooooooo! I'm late getting online today ~ we had a very fun trip to the pediatrician and the pharmacy today. Sorry about the fever going on at your house!

    LOOK AT YOUR FUN PLAYROOM! Julia would flip over all that! Hurray for you! My kid has been home for over a week and the house looks like a bomb went off :)

    Your cat looks JUST LIKE SALLY!!!

    1. I'm waiting for the bomb to hit... I'm having trouble convincing them that they need to pick up their clothes, as well as their toys, but they've been pretty good about the toys so far. We have ANOTHER SNOW DAY tomorrow - this makes FOUR now! - so Big Sis can get over her crud without missing any more school than the rest of her class.

      And my cat acts like Sally, as far as I can tell! She is my husband's kitty, although she likes me. I'm the one she comes to when something is actually wrong. I'm the "fix-it" lady. She has competition now, though. Mabel has latched on to my husband, too. There's a show-down coming on. A Siamese and a tortoiseshell diva-off!

  4. The playroom is awesome! I especially love the little light blue bookcase! I'm amazed at the amount of snow you're having..

    1. I love that little bookcase. We got it at a discount store, along with a matching toy box. The toy box needs a lot of repair work, though - one of the girls' friends jumped on it and broke it! My husband took it apart to fix it later. The snow is CRAZY! We've hardly had any the past two years. In fact, we have been in a rather severe drought. In the past, if we had snow days, it was due more to ice or wind making driving hazardous. This time, the city couldn't plow the streets well enough!


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