I Slept In

I still haven't recovered from this last week.  The show closed on Sunday - it was a fantastic run! - and I made it downtown to see some friends in another show that same night.  My sinuses have been giving me problems.  The house is a mess.  I woke up very, very late this morning.  The girls had been up for who knows how long.  Big Sis is off for teacher inservice day, and Little Sis has no school on Tuesdays.  The milk was open on the kitchen counter.  There were DVDs spilled on the family room floor.  Sabrina The Teenage Witch was playing on the TV, but the girls were in their playroom, "cooking" with real water.

I'll have some several cups of coffee first.  That's my plan for right now.  Then this house has to be put in order.  I've been moaning about it for over a week, but haven't had the time or energy to really deal with it.  Broken record, that's me.

I do have some awesome books checked out from the library this week, and Big Sis wants to snuggle and read the first Magic Tree House book with me, so perhaps this blog will be back on track soon!


  1. Sleeping in once in a while is really really good! looks like you needed it! can't wait to hear about magic tree house, sounds awesome :)

  2. Good for you!!!! Next week is my official start of whipping my house into shape, I've been procrastinating but I don't even have an awesome reason like being in a play or whatnot. I just am having cleaning paralysis :)

    1. I let my husband do a chunk of work in the playroom. We went to price some shelving yesterday, thinking we'd store the Rose Petal Cottage away until we can clean out the garage and make them a play area out there. The thought made Little Sis sad, though, so now we hold off on shelves until the garage is cleaned out. I don't think the garage will ever be cleaned out. I was overruled by all.

      I'm having the rejection blues, I think. The cast list for the play I auditioned for this weekend was posted and I was not cast. I should probably write a blog post on how to deal with your own rejections in front of your kids. I can probably write, "Just do the opposite of me." It's that time of the month, if that's any excuse. Probably not. Sigh.


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