Home Decor With A Five-Year-Old

Meet Sarah and Rosie.  They're just hanging out in the lower bunk of the bunk beds.  Little Sis likes them there.

Remember my melodramatic "My playroom is trying to kill me?" bit from Friday?  Yeah, I still feel that way. We had to stop, because it's become clear we need to come up with a plan.  We need time (to sort, to purge), we need money (new shelving or storage bins or something).  We need both time and money to refinish the hardwood floors.

My internet went down last night and didn't come back up until later this morning, so I had a LOT to catch up on.  Scrolling through my blog lists, I swear Apartment Therapy was out to taunt me with this obnoxious little entry.  Our failure at the art of organization has me taking "helpful" design posts personally.  Obviously, our room is quite small.  The girls have colored or stuck stickers on the built-ins and walls.  It is not a perfect space, and I need to stop pouting that my house isn't going to be some magazine-ready showpiece.  And no, the world doesn't revolve around me, but that fact didn't stop me from making a certain lewd gesture at the computer screen in Apartment Therapy's direction.  (I checked myself before I yelled the gesture's equal in words.)

I think I need more coffee.  Or chocolate.  Or both.  Sorry.


This is Little Sis's desk.  It is part of the built-in in the playroom.  (Big Sis has the desk part of the bedroom built-in.)

I am only posting a picture of the mess that is her desk in order to show off the pretty little Instax line we made this morning.

If I had a good bare wall, I would have stretched this across and made it some sort of focal point.  But between windows, doors, built-ins and bunk beds, we're short on wall space.

Now, let's get meta!  Here's a picture of an Instax of the Instax line!


And now for that coffee...

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  1. ha ha ha!!! love it so much!!! love those hanging sock monkeys! love the instax film whatjamajigs! so so cute. i love little girls!

    1. The sock monkeys have been there over a week! Crazy girl. I'm glad they're stuff is CUTE, since there's SO. MUCH. STUFF.

  2. Whoa, that picture was verrrry meta! Now I should take a picture of myself looking at it.


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