Friday Link Love

These are the only pictures I have left to show you, all taken yesterday via Instagram and my cheapie Android phone.  Little Sis feels better, Mabel is doing fine (and comes home in 6 days!), and we had a little snow yesterday.  Then it warmed up just enough to stop and indeed melt, then the temperature dropped again.  It's 16 degrees this morning, but should be in the 50s later today.  I can't stop sneezing.

So I'm taking a cue from Melissa and other cool bloggers and giving you a little Link Love.  I have some great stuff planned for February, though!  I hope to have it all planned out this weekend.

  • I wonder if our remaining big box store will carry this magazine.  (Last time I looked for Mollie Makes, it wasn't there.  That's okay, I have an electronic subscription now.)
  • Oooo, I want this party, too.  With campfires and blankets and slightly warmer weather...

So this weekend we have cookies to sell, birthday parties to attend, I have to see a play, and I even have rehearsal.  We'll see how much I can accomplish!  But today, I have a playroom to attack!

Really attack.

It's trying to kill me.

If you don't hear from me next week, blame the playroom.

Happy February!  Merry Reading!  Happy Weekend!


  1. loved all the linkies!!!good luck with the playroom!!!

    1. We called it a day. We desperately need organization, which will probably mean buying something, but we're broke right now. Oh, well. I'm going to try and not let the roaring mess bother me!

  2. I need to attack my playroom as well, but I'm reading your post instead! :-)


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