Children's Playmate, February 1954

Children's Playmate, February 1954 - back and front cover

I have an especially charming Children's Playmate Magazine from 1954 today!  This one celebrates Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, President's Day, all that you would expect from an American kids publication.

"Tekka, The Tea Cozy" by Elizabeth Stang (pg. 10 and 11)

"A Tale of Peter Pig" by Esther Cooper (pg. Esther Cooper)

 I LOVE the elf pictures in this magazine.  I was so happy to find some in this issue!

"The elves here will be just as gay/If colored, as across the way." (pg. 24)
 "These tiny, funny little elves/Have such a gay house for themselves!" (pg. 25)

"Placed on a heart, each gay design/Will form a charming Valentine." (pg. 26)
"Valentines are fun to make -- but WAIT!/First use what is on page twenty-eight!" (pg. 27)

"Here's a Mardi Gras Party to enjoy,/ You'll find it fun for every girl and boy." (pg. 28)
"Let's Give a Mardi Gras Party!" (pg. 29)

"Something to Do for Girls" (pg. 40 & 41)

"Goody Goody Page" - A recipe in rhyme by Esther Cooper (pg. 48)
"Yarn Doll Valentines for Your Friends" (pg. 49)

Last two pages.  Contest winners from the Hallowe'en issue, puzzle answers. (pg. 52)
"Sky-Gars from Mars" Drawing Contest (pg. 53)
Note the First Prize on the "Sky-Gars From Mars" Drawing Contest:

A Beautiful Bicycle

Not a puppy this time!  


  1. Teeka the Tea Cozy! awesome. you have and/or know about the COOLEST stuff!

    1. I don't know if Teeka is as awesome as the bald pixie from the first issue I blogged about, but she's pretty funny! I really do have a whole stack of these now. After finding the one last summer, I hunted on eBay until I found an affordable lot of them. They're just so cool!

  2. Lovely magazine! Beautiful pictures!

  3. This is adorable! How cool is it that there's a story about a tea cosy?! The magazine is making me die of cute.

    1. Isn't it great? This is one of my favorite issues. Nothing beats vintage valentines.


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