Rainy Day Art

It is a cold and rainy day.  Perhaps it is the weather, but Little Sis is in prime artist mode.  I had nothing planned for the day.  I needed to harness her creativity!

I cut some strips of computer paper to fit three baby food jars.  Then she drew pictures on the strips of paper.

Then I got out some old watercolors.  We needed COLOR!

(She wants a beret.  This cute little cap would have to do.)

After the papers dried somewhat, I Modge Podged them to the baby food jars and added some washi tape to the rims.

While the paint was drying, Little Sis was made an art project of her very own, using her Fuji Instax Mini 7.

What started this project was her desire to provide the girls in her drawing with a bookcase.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. This is SO cute! I love the idea of using baby food jars. never thought to affix washi tape to the tops. I want to make some too! I feel like we have done exactly zero fun crafts lately.

    1. Thanks! It was pretty yucky out this morning, and we had just watched my niece last night, so I had the baby food jars handy. It worked out well! And she got to break out the paints, which makes her happy. The washi tape was already out, because she was using it to tape the photos to her paper. :o)

  2. Very cute. My daughter is a crafting-machine too- I can't even keep up with the amount of stuff she makes!

    1. Yeah, I never know what to do with everything. These were something we could actually use, and the sofa table was looking rather empty post-Christmas. :o)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Rebecca! It's funny what you can come up with on the spur of the moment. ;o)


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