Put Another Record On...

Note the Adele and Taylor Swift records.  Vinyl, baby.

Christmas morning.  Santa has left this on Big Sis's side of the family room.

There is a note folded on top.

I can't be sure, of course, but I swear it looks as if Santa's stationary came from here.

Santa told Big Sis that he wasn't impressed with the quality of the small modern phonographs.  He saw that she'd put a pretty little Crosley on her wish list, but he said they broke down easily.  A long time ago, an older boy left this gorgeous 1970s console record player for Santa to pick up and take back to the North Pole with him, in order to fix it up for another child.  Santa had cleaned it up and used it for himself, but now he thought Big Sis might like it.  (Sweet story, Santa.  Are you sure you didn't just get a heckuva deal at a used record shop?  After they couldn't fix your modern little Philco phonograph, perhaps?)  Santa then told her that if she asked her parents sweetly, maybe they'd let her keep their little black record player in her room.

I took a basket and filled them with all our kid records.  (See the one in the bottom right corner?  My birthday album from the Rock-a-fire Explosion - Showbiz Pizza Place!)

We have soooooo many kid-friendly albums, but she rolled her eyes at me.

"We-eeee-eee are never, ever, ever getting back together..."

Meanwhile, Mr. B scored a few 8-tracks from the used record shop.

By the way, Big Sis's new vinyl sounds great on the console.  I want some new records, too...


  1. LOVE that you got her a record console and LOVE your old collection - I still have my Mousercize record too, LOL!

    1. "Let's do the bugaboo... Come on, shake a leg or two..." That was always my favorite. The girls haven't listened to it yet. ;)

  2. AWESOME!! Abba! yeah baby! so cool that you guys have this. I LOVED listening to my story records when I was little.

    1. So did I! The girls haven't shown much interest yet. I need to introduce them to Little Sis. I think she'll like them more. Right now, her favorite records are the soundtrack to the old My Little Pony: The Movie (ear-shattering), a record consisting of selections from The Nutcracker and Carnival of the Animals, and my old Disney Haunted House sound effects record.

  3. I totally remember when Chuck E. Cheese was called Showbiz! I always associate Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" with birthday parties at Showbiz. I think the animatronic critters sang it or something.

    Paul and I have a bit of a vinyl collection. It's really amazing how much better things sound!

    1. I always think of Beach Boys songs. The surfer dude in the band would sing the lead on those. It was definitely more entertaining than Chuck E. Cheese.

      Our collection is in a bunch of wooden crates throughout the living room. We have some favorites in an old vintage record stand next to the console, which is in the den. It's nuts. I want to invest in some newer records, but my choices will probably sit on a wish list until my birthday rolls around... in August.


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