New Year's Snow and Books for Winter Break

This is the beauty I woke up to New Year's Eve morning.

Omigosh, I love snow.

How was it that I was born in the miserable heat of summer?  I heart winter.  As Lola says, "Snow is my favorite and my best."

By early afternoon, the snow was starting to melt.  We made a little snowman anyway.

Such a puny little guy.

This is how you make a miniature snowman look bigger.

 A few hours later, it started to rain.  The rain soon turned to big, fluffy, glorious snowflakes.

We gave our feral porch babies an old comforter to snuggle under.  Or on.


The next day, the snow was still falling.  We warmed ourselves with our traditional New Year's Day fare.

Okay, it's Friday, so a quick reading round-up.  We did some reading on our break, although I read more than the girls did.  (We're still finishing up our library stash or stuff we started pre-Christmas.  Our Christmas gifts will have to wait a bit!)

What the girls and I read:

Hilda and the Midnight Giant by Luke Pearson.  Nobrow Press, 2012.

Oh, good grief, but I need to own this book.  (We checked it out from the library.)  I first read about it at Julia's Bookbag, then more recently at Sturdy for Common Things.  I'm not usually a huge graphic novel fan.  Sometimes the pages get too busy for me.  I loved this book, though, as did both girls.  I'm a sucker for magical things that no one bothers to explain, and as Melissa said at Julia's Bookbag, it does have a Scandinavian vibe to it.  There is a shorter book called Hildafolk that precedes this one, but it looks like I'd need to order that one.  A new book, Hilda and the Bird Parade, will be published in April!

What the girls and I are reading:

The Best School Year Ever by Barbara Robinson.  HarperCollins, 1994.

Yes, we're still reading all the other things we've been reading (Oz, Plum Creek), but when we happened upon this at a used bookstore a couple days ago, we had to begin it immediately!  We just can't get enough of those awful Herdmans.  (We bought this one, too.)

What I read:

The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones.  HarperCollins, 2012.

Some of you may recall that I wanted this for my birthday last August, and in fact, received it from my sister (check the comments).  Everyone who reads this blog regularly has probably noticed I have a bad habit of starting a book, then quickly moving on to another book, then reading more books, before coming back to books I started long ago.  (A habit I'm obviously sharing with the daughters...)  I finally finished this book this week.  Indeed, I started it over and read it from the beginning.  It was a quick and easy read, contrary to what my slow start may lead one to believe.  I was quite enthusiastic about it, but after reading it, I was rather disappointed.  It was never as creepy as I wanted it to be, and a bit predictable to boot.

What I'm reading:

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.  Originally published by William Heinemann (UK), Little, Brown (USA), 1948.  Reprint edition published by St. Martin's Griffin, 1999.

I was curious about this book for years.  I often shelved it at work, and J.K. Rowling herself had written a blurb for the cover.  The title is rather beautiful, and the author had written 101 Dalmations.  Then about a year and a half ago, I had a late-night knitting session in front of the TV, watching the movie version on Netflix, starring Romola Garai, Henry Thomas, and Rose Byrne.  It was the perfect late-night, alone on the couch movie.   I also read a bit about the book in this book.  I knew I needed to read it for myself, and during a bargain sale, I ordered myself a paperback copy from my beloved Better World Books.  So far, I am loving it.  Has anyone else read it?

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Big Sis started back to school yesterday, Little Sis starts this morning.  I have so many movies I want to see, but worry about whether Mr. B and I can get away together on our own.  (The big three:  The Hobbit, Les Miserables, and This is 40.)  The girls and I saw Frankenweenie at the second-run theater this week, and I think we all enjoyed it, although Big Sis thought it was a bit too creepy. We watched the original short film at home, and she thought it was better - less creepy.  Little Sis preferred the full-length animated film.  She declared, "Oh, I thought it would be more scarier."  In other words, she didn't think it was very creepy at all.  I thought it was sweet and funny.  The puppet animation was gorgeous, I loved the black-and-white, and the attention to detail (the house! the furniture!) was amazing.

And that shall do it!  Merry Weekend and Happy Reading to All!

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  1. DUDE! who you talking to lady? OF COURSE I've read 'I Capture the Castle' AND seen the film, and the it love it. LOVE IT. Thank you for reminding me that I've gotta get the Hilda book. Right now, J and I are reading 'The BFG' together -- it is AMAZING! I had never read it as a child! So it's so fun for me! Another Herdman book? JUlia will be so thrilled!

    LOVE your snow pixies :) (photos :)

    1. Thanks! And I'm not surprised that you have read I Capture the Castle. I'm loving it, and should be able to finish it tonight, after the girls are in bed - Mr. B is working overnight. I have not read The BFG! We've only read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (twice) and Matilda, to be honest. I need to catch up on my Roald Dahl. I was hoping one of our big gift-givers would give Big Sis the Roald Dahl boxed set on Amazon, but it didn't happen. (She got lots of great stuff, thought! No complaints!)

  2. I ended up being disappointed with The Flight of Gemma Hardy! There were a lot of things I enjoyed about it but then I started getting annoyed about some stuff! Email me if you get a chance and we can dish about it without spoiling it for anyone here! :)

    1. Oh no! I didn't think it was perfect, but I did enjoy how it mirrored Jane Eyre. I'll email you. ;o)

  3. Replies
    1. The little tortoiseshell, Mabel, may get a trip to the vet after payday... She's become very sweet and seems determined to stay inside.


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