My Morning Girl

My littlest is sick.  She stayed home from school yesterday, and she has no school today.  That's a bit hard on the oldest, who would love to stay home with Mom.  

Otherwise, Big Sis is my morning girl.  I made it easy on her this morning:  blueberry muffins and Dennis the Menace.

Her favorite breakfast.

Her favorite TV show.

Yesterday's reading with Daddy.

Chocolate milk.

Last night's reading with Mom.

She's becoming more self-conscious.  She can't stand to watch or hear herself on video.  She was starting to stink-eye me about pictures.  She had to change shirts - I pointed out that the one she had on was looking rather small - and she did not want to be photographed in her comfy old sweatshirt.  Sigh.  She's becoming more like...

Me.  Except that I am not a morning person.

P.S.  Yesterday, Little Sis told me it was nice to be sick, because "I can catch up on my sleep."  I told her, "Yeah, but that's why you're supposed to go to sleep at night, instead of fighting it."  "But I'm nocturnal," she explained, not missing a beat.  "I'm like an owl."  And that's how that one is more like me...


  1. Hahaha @ the night owl, that reminds me of my daughter! The other night she was taking forever and I asked her why - she said it was because she had a unique name (Keira) and she was a unique girl and that's why she couldn't get to sleep. LOL! I think both of my girls have inherited the nocturnal gene from my husband.

  2. SO SO SO CUTE!!!!! love these pix! I want a blueberry muffin too! Sorry for sick Lil Sis :(

    I've had to back WAY WAY off in my picture taking -- J has become very self conscious and won't let me just snap away like I used to be able to do :( ~ I have to ask her permission and now I ask her, Can I take some portrait shots of you? She thinks that sounds fancy so she's more willing. But then she poses like an insane drag queen. It's getting harder to capture just her, obliviously doing her kid thing. SNIFFLE!

    Love the pic of Big Sis lying on the floor :) -- that cracked me up

    1. She had her hands and feet rested on the vent, finishing her show. Everything else was ready to go.

      She hasn't been quite so easygoing lately. Growing pains, I think. She still poses when I ask for a picture, but she hasn't been too interested lately. Might be the winter blahs, too.

  3. What a great way to capture a morning- I don't know if I could ever capture morning well around here... It's mostly crazy, and I am not together ever. I love all the shots of Big Sis here! (hope lil sis is feeling much better) I am a morning person, when I can do them my way... being a morning person as a mama is much harder for me!

    Now I want a blueberry muffin... maybe I'll try to fit those into our tomorrow morning. :)

    1. I made the muffins last night. I love to cook and sometimes bake, but NOT first thing in the morning. Which stinks, because I love breakfast. On the weekends, Mr. B might make breakfast if he's home. Or sometimes I might fix breakfast, if everyone's home and it's, say, 10 AM.

      I don't like rushing in the morning, but I also want to sleep as late as possible. We get as much ready the night before as we can. I don't like to have the TV on as they get ready for school - it's too distracting. Many of my rules are geared toward Little Sis, though, who is not so pleasant at 7:30...

  4. I was such a ham as a kid and didn't go through the "don't photograph me!" stage until the last couple of years. As I've gotten older, I want to make sure everything's "just right." I always have to make sure I'm touched up before a family event now!

    Sorry your little girl is sick--hope she feels better soon.

    1. She's acting much more like herself today, thanks.

      I was pretty hammy as a little kid, but my preteen and teen years were very awkward. I did not want to be photographed. When I hit 16, things started getting better, so I didn't mind so much. But yeah, I'm with you - I will run and check the mirror a dozen times if I think I might be photographed.

  5. Hope she is feeling better! I have a copy of The Hundred Dresses waiting on standby--maybe we'll read it together soon. We just finished the Kirsten series (American Girl) after I saw you mentioned the Lucia day celebration over Christmas. We loved it! :)

    1. I had never read The Hundred Dresses before. In fact, until I read The Witch Family this past fall, I'd never read any Eleanor Estes before! What a beautiful, sad book. We loved it, and it provided a lot of worthwhile discussion afterward.

      I need to read more Kirsten books! I've only the St. Lucia one. I love the Samantha, Kit, and Molly books.

      And she's feeling much better, thanks. She felt good enough to basically trash her playroom while I was at rehearsal tonight... Sigh. I'm actually taking a break from tidying - well, reorganizing - the playroom right now.


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