Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas

Yup.  It really is.

Now I have no excuse for the tree and decorations.  Oops.

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    1. I mentioned this on Facebook, and a friend of mine who is originally from Germany said, "Not until the 6th!" As I told her, I know for sure the husband will be home today. He's a freight conductor for the railroad - with football playoffs going on and lots of guys trying to take time off to watch, he will definitely get called sometime this weekend. So the 5th it is. (My tree is dripping needles anyway...)

  2. Mine is up too....I'll take it all down on Monday when J is at school.....

    Then I'll put snowflakes and wintery things around!

    This is how the stick tree was born by the by -- my inability to let go of my christmas tree.....:)

    1. We have some newspaper snowflakes on our picture window now. Once the big wreath outside is down, we'll add a ton more. Our branch tree was born as an Easter tree - we hung blown eggs on it - then it stayed around the rest of two years. It's been a Halloween tree and yes, a snowflake tree. It's outside now, and I'm not sure we should bring it back in...


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