I haven't read much this week.

The girls haven't read much this week.

I don't feel like reading aloud right now.

I don't have anything particularly cool to tell you about.

I'll leave you with a few pictures, and we'll start fresh next week, okay?

I have read something this week:  this script.  And Entertainment Weekly.

My funny baby.

I have no idea where these names came from.  Especially Rosemary and Miriam.

My niece has an awesome shirt.

She's quite a doll.

Lying on the floor, pretending their 16-month-old cousin was a dinosaur coming to stomp on them.

And that's that.

I hope everyone has a merry weekend, full of books and love and family and GOOD HEALTH!

(So she typed between coughs...)

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  1. I think it's awesome that you do theatre! Love that Alice in Wonderland shirt too.

    1. Thanks, Leanne. I love it too much to give it up completely, and I think it's good for the girls to see that Mom still has a life away from them. I may have to slow down again when both girls are in school (I plan to find a job), but for now, it's an outlet! I'm so jealous that there wasn't cool Alice in Wonderland and Muppet baby clothes when mine were tiny! Well, I did find a couple of Muppet t-shirts, but they're already outgrowing them. Sigh.

  2. That last picture is such fun! yes- let us all have a coming week filled with LOTSA good health!

    1. The last picture makes me so happy. They are such clowns.

      Yes! Germs! Be gone!

  3. Ok don't get mad or nuthin' b/c I love ALL your posts, but this is my favorite post that you've done. (someone told me that my Hot Dwarves post was their fav post of mine, and I was like, okey dokey artichokey) I was laughing heartily at every bit of it. So cute! So funny!

    FEEL BETTER. Entertainment Weekly is an excellent and informative thing to read. So says me.


    1. Haha! Maybe I'm more entertaining when I'm hopped up on cold medicine, not trying very hard. ;o)

      It was the OSCAR ISSUE. So of course it was great. I don't read books on my nook, but I subscribe to lots of magazines! It's much cheaper that way.

      And thank you!!! xxxxxxxxoooooooo (The non-germy kind of hugs and kisses.)

  4. I lov that tree print shower curtain (is that what it is?) Also, that alice shirt! I agree they should make adult sizes!! ;) happy weekend!

    1. The shower curtain is also from Target. It has owls on it. I couldn't resist. It was pretty inexpensive when I got it last year, but they seem to have discontinued it. If my bathtub is less than clean (almost always), I can pull the curtain closed and it becomes a happy place.

      Alice clothes rock! Happy weekend to you, too!


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