Raggedy Weekend

I'm digging out the Raggedy Ann dolls.  Our Raggedy Ann wall decor.  I'm cutting bunting from card stock and gluing Raggedy Ann and Andy images on the triangles.  I'm planning Raggedy Ann crafts.  I have a Raggedy Ann Pinterest board and a separate Raggedy Ann party Pinterest board.

I'm digging out the books.

The Raggedy Ann Stories and The Raggedy Andy Stories are bargain edition reprints purchased at Barnes & Noble years ago.  Through eBay, I lucked upon a little Weekly Reader hardcover from the 1980s called The Tunnel of Lost Toys (not by Johnny Gruelle, obviously) and some lovely, old-fashioned 1960s Bobbs-Merrill editions, a reprint of Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land and two actually published in 1961.  Alas, I lost my copy of Raggedy Ann and the Cookie Snatcher (a Little Golden Book) many moons ago, but I found my beloved Raggedy Ann: A Thank You, Please, and I Love You Book. 

I do love the original Gruelle illustrations.  They are so detailed.

Raggedy Ann was a rag doll supposedly belonging to Gruelle's daughter, Marcella, who died tragically young.  You can read a bit more about it here.

Raggedy Ann had such a resurgence of popularity in the 1970s. I had my share of Raggedy items.

Such as this Bobbs-Merrill wall plaque.  And we had a hanging planter that may or may not be residing in my grandmother's basement now.  And of course the giant doll my Great-Aunt Bonnie made, which you shall see in birthday party pictures next week.

This book holds a beloved place of honor in my sunny childhood memories.  The illustrations (by June Goldsborough) may not be so magically detailed as the originals, but they do have that wonderful Golden Book charm.

This  is why Raggedy Ann and Andy had such a resurgence.   There was an onslaught of merchandise to tie in with this:  Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure.  Alas, the movie flopped.  It isn't very good.  Nickelodeon used to air it a lot in the 1980s, which is the only way I knew about it.  The girls like it.

There were some Raggedy Ann cartoons made in the 1940s, too.  The Fleischers (Betty Boop, Popeye) made a two-reel special, "Raggedy Ann and Andy."  There were also two Famous Studios/Paramount Noveltoons, "Suddenly It's Spring" and "The Enchanted Square."

I still have a lot to do by Sunday afternoon.  And I have friends visiting from out of town, a Daisy Scout event tomorrow, and I think I'm catching Little Sis's cold.  Ack.  Please, everyone, have a merry weekend!  Read something awesome! P.S.  I finished The Flight of Gemma Hardy.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  Especially to all you Jane Eyre fans out there.  

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November First

My little bitty one is five today.

She is my shy girl and my silly girl and my artsy girl.

She is better at entertaining herself than anyone I know.  The other night, she spent an hour creating a person out of a jump rope, leaves, rocks, and sticks.

On her last night as a four-year-old, I asked her a few questions about herself.  She told me her favorite TV show is Max & Ruby.  She says her favorite movie is "every Alice in Wonderland we have."  Her favorite toy is her swing set, although if you give this child some blocks (Legos!) or a pen and some paper, she will stay busy for hours.  She wants a Lalaloopsy doll for her birthday, but she's quite happy with her Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony collections.  She is very excited for us to (finally!) start reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  She means it when she tells you her favorite music is classical, although she is very fond of this song, too.  She loves The Snowman, both the book and the short film.  She loves Mercer Mayer and Maurice Sendak.  She loves Betty Boop and Really Rosie, too.

 She is out of school today.  I'm taking her to a salon for a haircut.  Her Raggedy Ann birthday party will be Sunday.  Now that Halloween is over, and the bedroom/playroom makeover job is nearly complete, I can finally concentrate on this party!

Speaking of Halloween, we trick-or-treated at my grandmother's and in my favorite neighborhood in town.  It was so much fun!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Really?  It's here?  I'll tell you what, this week has been a weird one.  I've tried to keep the Halloween spirit up, but poor Little Sis became sick with a chest cold last week - she was feeling under the weather at her preschool Autumn Fest, pictured here - and tonight will be only the second time the girls have worn their costumes!  (I'm the kind of mom who tends to drag them to a half-dozen community events...)  They are Fall Fairies this year.  They found a Fall Fairy costume in a catalog, which inspired us to make our own version.

Since we've had to stay in a lot the past few days, here are a few things we've enjoyed:

  • this book (from our own collection)
  • continuing to rip out carpet/clean up playroom (oh wait - this is the opposite of enjoyable)
  • this internet radio station
  • sending invitations for Little Sis's birthday party (Sunday!)
  • drinking homemade hot chocolate (made with chopped semi-sweet chocolate and chopped white chocolate, and a pinch of cinnamon, sea salt, and chili powder)
  • watching this movie as a YouTube playlist
  • singing this song, which I learned in elementary school

And pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin!

I pureed a pie pumpkin and made pumpkin bread!  It is so divine.  

And the seeds!  Love, love, love me some pumpkin seeds!

One more image.  A neighbor man passed away this summer, and left behind his very frightened, mostly-outdoor kitty cat.  We have been feeding the cat, trying to make friends with him so perhaps we can take him to the vet and find a home for him.  His name is Ying.  He has decided he loves my husband.  

Well, a stray mama cat had kittens in our backyard, under the shed, a couple months ago.  She figured out there was food on our porch, so now we have four little kittens hanging out with Ying on our porch!  It's crazy.  So here is Ying and his mini version.  

Happy Halloween!!!

Children's Play Mate Magazine, October 1951

Because after I lucked into this issue, I had to have more!

front cover

"For Your Hallowe'en Party," table of contents

"A Tale of Peter Pig: for big and little boys and girls" by Esther Cooper

"The Hallowe'en Kittens: A story for the smallest Play Mates" by Lucile Rosencrans

"The Halloween Kittens," continued.  "Hallowe'en Rhymes to Recite"

"For Your Hallowe'en Table" 

"Hallowe'en Song" by Mary Kellner

"Goodies for Hallowe'en"

Puzzle Answers, Last month's contest winners, this month's contest

My earlier copy of Children's Play Mate was from 1941.  Notice how, ten years later, First Prize is still a puppy!  "A fine pedigreed puppy - a Cocker, a Boston Terrier, or a Scottie."

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Obsessive Halloween Nostalgia: Breathing and Seeing Optional

Actually, I'm not really that nostalgic for these plastic masks.  They were pretty creepy, even one as innocent as Apple Dumplin'.

You know what?  This costume isn't that disturbing.  If you want to see disturbing, click here.
Or read about how much Strawberry Shortcake's baby sister has evolved through the years here.

I prefer this Apple Dumplin'.
And this Strawberry Shortcake, for that matter.

And this Lime Chiffon and Raspberry Tart...

By the way, Melissa at Julia's Bookbag hit the nail on the head with this post.  Bless her, this is one of the first of her blog posts I read after we "met" on Pinterest.  LOVE. IT.

Oh - and I want this.

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Bonus Sunday Post: Jack O'Lantern!

Look at that sky.  It's as if the night knew we were carving our Jack O'Lantern.

Very traditional face this year.  I think the girls have finally realized Mom's limitations as a pumpkin carver.

Lots of seeds.  Roasting to come!  I. Can't. Wait.

Of course we had to light it before we took it outside.  All products must be tested, right?

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