Fairy Day Party Two

Our trip has ended and we are home.  We had a lovely literary-themed journey, which I will share next week.  Until then, I hope everyone had a wonderful week (including Independence Day, fellow US citizens!).  I'll leave you with a few more pictures from our Fairy Day party, courtesy of my friend Katie.  Merry Weekend!

There were "mermaid tears" at the bottom of the pool.
Another mom friend brought a bag full of bark and pine cones to add to the fairy house.

Mermaid tears in a net.

Mermaid tears in the sand box.

Decorating the fairy house.

Fairies shed their wings.

Stealing the decorations.

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Vacation Time

Heading down that "Holiday Road," although it's a much shorter trip than the Griswolds made.

Note:  The original Lindsey Buckingham video for that song is weird.  Have a great week!

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