Obsessive Christmas Nostalgia Disorder: My Dad's Christmas Junk Tapes

My dad made us Christmas junk tapes when I was little.  That's what I called them.  They were two VHS tapes loaded with six hours of holiday specials and cartoons, mostly taped off the Disney Channel and Showtime, but they also included some of the network television staples. I had the tapes for ages, but in the years since our VCRs fell by the wayside, the tapes have disappeared.  I've spent a few years trying to find some of my favorites from the tapes.  Some of the shows were easy, like  Frosty the Snowman and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Some I only found again after the girls were born.  And some...  sigh.

The internet is my own personal junk tape, I guess.  Rather than share holiday clips every Monday, I've been sticking them on the Facebook page - have you "liked" the Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes Facebook page? - and on this one little Nostalgia Disorder post.  I don't know how long some of the YouTube videos will last, but I'm grateful to the folks who upload this stuff for everyone to see.

This was at the end of a tape, and cut off just as Mr. Hooper
came to Bert and Ernie's.  I always wanted to be the
little girl with the curls, skating with Big Bird.
ABC Family shows this Rankin-Bass favorite, but it's edited.  Some lovely
person posted the complete version on YouTube.
A classic from Halas & Batchelor.
Not specifically Christmas, but this classic was on a tape!
(This was on one tape.  This special was on another.)
(I love this.  Love it, love it, love it.  Ron Moody is awesome.)
I know the tapes also included the Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre episodes "Hansel & Gretel" and "Rapunzel," Mickey's Christmas Carol, and I'm pretty certain this was on a tape, too.  
I miss these tapes.  My daddy compiled some great stuff for us. This may not be everything, but it's a good sample.  
Oh, I know something that's missing:  commercials.  After all, sometimes we missed hitting the pause button during the commercials, or Daddy recorded the show via timer.  I remember most of the network shows came from CBS, so here's a little bonus I found on YouTube! 

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  1. oh man! What great memories. :) My parents didn't really know how to record stuff... we were that family... but my husband, he had junk tapes just like the ones you've described here. We'll still go through a big box of tapes like that looking for some long lost tidbit of his childhood. BUT with youtube... it does make it a whole lot easier. ;)

    1. My dad was tech crazy when I was little. He always had a great hi-fi stereo system, and for a long time, we had speakers stacked on either side of the living room, almost to the ceiling. He got us a Select-A-Vision disc player when I was 5 (not a laserdisc - these were more like video records!), and a VCR when I was 6, and our first CD player in 1986. So yeah, we had quite the set-up! We recorded over a lot of things when we got older. I am pretty sure I brought both tapes over to my hubby's and my first apartment. They probably got lost in a move at some point.

  2. SO GREAT! I have to run upstairs to see the videos, for some reason they are not showing up on my little tiny computer. So cool that your dad did this. I want to have a day with Julia where we do nothing but eat cookies and watch holiday stuff!

    1. Well, I hope some of this stuff is still entertaining! ;o) I had to keep limiting myself to what we had on these tapes. Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas is on Amazon Prime (our DVD skips, thanks to little fingers!). There are tons more old cartoons on YouTube. I love my Christmas entertainment!

  3. this is great! now I have a nice list of things to let the girls watch! thank you!!


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