Instax Love

Both daughters received Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s cameras for their birthdays this year.  They were gifts from my dad, who is a very snap-happy person himself.  Now the girls can take their own instant pictures, which are much like the Polaroids of yesteryear, only the photos are only the size of a credit card.

With the Christmas decorations up downtown, the girls and I went on a photo walk recently.  These are pictures I took, altered to look like Polaroid images.  Because I'm super-duper nerdy like that.

And these are some of the better pictures the girls took.  I think I should have adjusted the settings on the cameras.  The pictures were too faded to scan in some cases.

The important thing was for them to have fun.  They love walking in the city.  

The indoor pictures look best. Here are three from the skating rink, and another set from Little Sis's stash.

Instax film isn't cheap.  My dad has been our main supplier, getting boxes off eBay for less.  Wal-Mart carries twin packs of film for a decent price.  Each film cartridge gives you 10 pictures.  I'm trying to teach the girls how to budget.  Save your film for moments you really want to capture.  The message isn't sinking in as well as I would like, but if they spend their film, too bad.  They either wait for the next holiday, or save up allowance and birthday money to buy their own.  (I must say, though, I rather enjoy how Little Sis likes to pose her toys for pictures.)

There are some really awesome accessories and films you can get for Instax Minis.  I'm going to get some mini clothespins and baker's twine, so the girls can display some of their photos gallery-style.  One very cool  website I found is for a store called Mochi  They carry a large supply of fantastic imported films (too pricey for me, but awesome nonetheless), decorative stickers, and fabulous albums.  My favorite albums?  Here and here.  They also carry a couple of awesome lenses:  Hello Kitty! and Mickey Mouse!

I guess the best thing about these little cameras, besides the fact that my girls are little and instant gratification is a good thing, is that we'll never run out of gift ideas.  They can always use new film cartridges!

And yes, I have a Pinterest board for this.


  1. I love the pics of their toys. Great idea about the clothespins and twine! I like the new look of the blog.

    1. Thanks! I was really tired of the way it was. It needed brightening up! And I have socks that remind me of this background...

      I'll post pictures of their pictures and twine! I think it's going to be a Christmas present.

  2. This is SO COOL!! I want one!!! Love that your girl and you have the same-ish glasses, you guys are so darling!!!!! I love the shots they took.

    1. It's a lot of fun! Their pictures crack me up. There are FIVE pictures taken on our photo walk day of the back of the front seat while I'm driving. Ugh. I need to buy my own film and borrow one of their cameras. ;o) Yes, Big Sis is my little mini-me. Well, Little Sis looks more like I did when I was little, but Big Sis is my mama's girl. ;o)

  3. Walking, taking pictures = amazing and one of the best things in the world. I remember, I used to pose my toys for pictures as well, and my mom always said: “Is it really necessary to take picture of the same toy FIVE TIMES? Once is enough!” But I was never satisfied with the one and only shot. :) ... The idea of Instax is pretty cool. But as you said, it's quite expensive, UNFORTUNATELY.

    1. It is. We need more film, but we tend to wait until holidays or birthdays to restock. My dad will sometimes buy in bulk on eBay for us. The Easter Bunny might stick a couple packs in the baskets this year...

      They have digital cameras, too, but they need to be recharged. And of course, they are still dependent on me to get the pictures off the cameras and into the computer.


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