December 1

The Advent calendar was made last year:  tiny muslin bags stitched with red and green baker's twine, clipped with clothespins to another length of baker's twine.  I haven't filled it all yet, but most of the bags have something inside.  Occasionally, it's a scrap of paper telling them to look in some hiding place, where I've hidden a book or in one case, a little box of Operation bandages.  (As in the game Operation.  The dollar section of Target always has some fun stuff!)  Only one bag has any candy in it, so far, and it's only two little squares.  Some bags will have craft supplies.  So how did we kick off the first day of December?

Big Sis has been wanting marbles.  Now they each have a bag.  

Time for hot chocolate and "The Cinnamon Bear."  Let's get this weekend started!


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