Troll Love

Meet my trolls.

Here's another:

And another: 

And much to my family's consternation, there are more.  My dad bought me my first as a strange souvenir from a shop in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Then my mother moved to the Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia.  My trolls are made in Tennessee, so I always bought one or two on my summer visits during college.  I love them.  You can read their origin story here.

I used to have them spread around the house, but a couple months ago, I gathered them together and posed them on and around the living room bookcases.  The daughters claim that the ones in their room were scaring them at night.  Okay, my trolls are scary, but these...

are not?  These are the daughters' troll dolls.  They came from the stuff at my grandma's house.  While I have never asked her, I figure they were my sister's. I don't remember owning any.

I love trolls, and I love all things Norse and/or Scandinavian, so I was so happy to get D'Aulaires' Trolls by Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire from the library this week.  This copy is an old edition from the 1970s.  (It was first released in 1972.)  It is available again as part of the New York Review Children's Collection, so guess what I just added to my Christmas wish list?

There's a part of me that thinks I should wait to read it until I can snuggle in with the girls, but at the time of my writing this, they're already in bed and I'm suffering - suffering, I tell you - from Little Sis's cold.  (Waaaaahhh!)  I think my stuffy self shall curl up with some tea and a blankie and this beautiful picture book.

You know what?  I'm grumpy.  My nose is red and feels swollen.  My eyes are watery, and I have an ugly cough.  Do you know what I resemble right now?

Have a lovely day, one and all!

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  1. Oh I just think you are the bee's knees, D :) ~ this is so awesome! I have been wanting that book for ages, I was just worried about scaring J. I'm gonna get it anyway. So sorry about the cold! J has one right now, and I feel it trying to get me. I'm grumpy too b/c it's PMS time. TMI? ha ha

    Have you read all the Jan Brett Christmas troll books? There are about 3 or 4 that feature trolls, and last yr we read them all and just LOVED them. Scandinavian trolls are where it's at, yo. Also ones from Tennessee ;)

    1. It isn't scary at all! It's pretty cute/silly, and a faster read than I expected. And oddly enough, I haven't read those Jan Bretts before, and I've read A LOT of Jan Brett books in my time! I need to get those for the holidays. I'm already stocking up on Christmas books from the library. Too many of the ones I want will be checked out in December, right?

      My grumpy time was a week before I got sick. Leaves me more susceptible to catching stuff. ;o)

    2. I've already been checking xmas books out :) -- I'd say go for it now! -- you will LOVE the trolls in the Brett books, go get 'em all! There's Home for Christmas and The Christmas Trolls and then a couple more, the names are escaping me.

    3. Okay, I just put in my requests. Three books, anyway.

      I do have the new Bob Shea (Dinosaur Vs. Santa!) and the first U.S. Peppa Pig release (Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List). I plopped myself on the waiting list for those as they were still being cataloged.

    4. Peppa Pig???!! We loved that show! But it seems to have dropped off our cable, and that's gone as of tomorrow anyway. How fun! I'll have to look for that one.

    5. My library has it!! Just put it on hold :)

    6. Yay!!! Yeah, my kids and husband LOVE Peppa. Little Sis got the new Peppa DVD for her birthday, too.

  2. AHHH! I think both collections of trolls are kinda scary! ;) I'm teasing. That book looks fantastic! I want it!

    1. Haha! I do love my creepy stuff. ;o) It was a very cool book. I read it last night, and I'll read it to the girls soon.


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