Thinking About Pink

My favorite color is green.  It has always been green.  Yes, I chose a pink Holly Hobbie bedroom when I was 4, but not because I loved pink.  I just wanted to be different, and Holly Hobbie stuff was always blue, of course.  I trapped myself in flowery pink for 15 years!  (Do you know what else is pink?  Pepto Bismol!)

I was not the mom rushing out to buy pink everything for my girls, although I accepted pink gifts graciously.  I don't care for the idea of forcing colors on children based on gender.  I preferred my many shades of green, or a strong red ala Olivia. Yet somehow, Big Sis gravitated toward everything pink on her own.  Perhaps it was our Hello Kitty boombox. Or the color of her favorite yogurt containers.  Little Sis followed suit.  Everything had to be pink.  If you asked either girl to name their favorite color, pink ruled supreme.  Poor mom, you're overruled!

Now my girls are moving on.  Big Sis has gone from turquoise to light green, and Little Sis, while still a pink fan, prefers purple.  But both were gung-ho to see Pinkalicous! The Musical [the link takes you to the New York production] last weekend at the local children's theatre.  They look subdued, scarfing down their pre-show pizza in the picture below, but as you can see in the top picture, Little Sis was inspired to play Pinkalicious dress-up the rest of the day!

And Little Sis chose a pink mini Christmas tree this year.  (Big Sis picked our larger turquoise mini tree.)  Pink nutcracker, pink ornaments...  pink, pink, pink, merry and bright.

And they wore matching pink dresses on our Easter Sunday excursion through the Smithsonian and National Gallery in Washington DC.  They were gifts from my dad, but the girls loved them, and rushed to get hats and gloves to match.

Pink toys, pink books.  It's so hard to escape pink in Little Girl Land today.  I'm glad the girls tend to have such varied interests.  Little Sis may love her tutus and frills, but Legos (regular Duplos and Legos, not these) and drawing paper are her top toys.  Big Sis may drive me nuts with her little nail polish collection, but she's definitely my sporty, jeans and a t-shirt kid.  Here is some pinkness with their seal of approval.  (Fancy Nancy is a favorite, too, but I've been informed she likes purple.  Must listen to the little dictators.)

1.  Where Is Strawberry Moshi? by Mind Wave, Inc.  Candlewick, 2011.
2.  Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann.  HarperCollins, 2006.
3.  Lalaloopsy: Party Time by Lauren Cecil, illustrated by Prescott Hill.  Scholastic, 2011.
4.  The Absolutely Essential Eloise by Kay Thompson, illustrated by Hilary Knight.  Simon & Schuster,      1999.
5.  Hello Kitty Fun Doodles by Sanrio.  Running Press Kids, 2010.
6.  Priscilla and the Pink Planet by Jocelyn Hobbie & Nathaniel Hobbie.  Little, Brown, 2008.
7.  My Little Pony Storybook Collection by Hasbro.  HarperFestival, 2005.



    the hats and gloves, omg, so awesome.

    #1, have it. #2, have it. #3, have it. #5, want it. #7, have it! (we like pink too!)

    1. I'm getting ready to make a sparkly pink and cream tulle Nutcracker wreath, so PINK is on the brain. :o) I'm not surprised you have or want most of these. Have you seen the Priscilla books (#6)? They're by Holly Hobbie's son and daughter. They remind me of some bizarro world mix of Pinkalicious and Dr. Seuss and hip cartoons.

  2. They are adorable in their Easter dresses! My daughter Keira is the same way - dressing up like a princess one minute, then Lego and Star Wars the next minute. She likes everything, basically!

    1. Yay to loving it all! The hubby tried to get the girls into Star Wars. We need to try again. I loved Star Wars when I was a kid. (Still do.) And thanks. ;o)

  3. Miss Kitten announces pink is best so far... but she also holds her own in the crazy sibling wrestling matches. ;)


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