Thankful Thursday

This week, we're still counting our little blessings.  

Big Sis is thankful for...

...her own library card.

...books to read, especially Junie B. Jones! chocolate and marshmallows and homemade whipped cream.

...baking.  Especially making muffins with Mom.

...delicious pumpkin pie!
Little Sis is thankful for...  (Her grandma in Oklahoma sent her a new
Blythe for her birthday.)

...pens and paper. 

...ruby slippers.

...Lalaloopsy dolls!  (Mom's thankful for this
picture she drew of her Lalaloopsy doll for preschool.
I'm thankful for... pumpkin puree stash in the freezer.
...last Sunday.  We went to see some friends' baby be
baptized.  As we arrived at the Orthodox cathedral, we
realized there were little tiny snowflakes falling.
Not enough to qualify as our first snowfall
of the year, but rather magical anyway. class observation days.

...this picture.  Someone took it during our preschool pumpkin patch
field trip.  It was in Little Sis's backpack last week.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm Instagramming it through these Thursday posts. It's easier to grab a quick pic of something that catches my fancy with the phone. ;o)

  2. Many things. Each pic I thought oh this is my fav, no this! That last one, SO SWEET! I love these posts! darling. Julia is reading the Junie B's right now and she loves them!


    1. Oh, awesome! You know, it's so funny the difference a couple months made. At the beginning of the summer, Big Sis was still stumbling over Junie B. Now, she can read one in just over an hour, if she's left completely alone. She eats them like candy. And she has to tell me the entire plot, very excitedly. Her sister told her, "I want to read another one!" after she told us the whole plot of one in the car yesterday. I guess she told the story just that well.

      And thanks! xxxxoooo

  3. I'm thankful for your posts! Such sweet pictures!


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