Thankful Thursday

It is a Facebook tradition to list one thing you are thankful for every day in November.  This year, in lieu of daily FB posts, I plan to use the blog each Thursday in November to post photos of those little blessings in my life.

I am thankful for...

...creative kids.  ("See, Mom?  I made a watch!") city's public art collection.

...macaroni and cheese!
...being reunited with simple but meaningful items. (At the book fair
 this week, the librarian told me to take it home!)

 What are you thankful for today?


  1. Replies
    1. I sent her to get ready for bed. She returned wearing her pajamas, carrying a pen. "Look, Mom! I made a watch!" and she stuck her wrist into my face. UGH. ;o)

  2. Of course you should have that library card! That is so cool!

    1. She said, "Do you want it? Take it! I just toss them in the recycling box as they fall out anyway." :o)

  3. DELIGHTFUL. I'm thankful that I 'met' you!!

    1. Oh, goodness, me, too! So much to be thankful for on these Thursdays!


Comments are welcome! I'm a shy blog commenter, too, but I do love to read what people have to say. All I ask is, please be kind, to me and to each other.

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